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  • Karina and Lora beat all the crap out of their mounts before to ride

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Karina and Lora are two beautiful agent, they keep a secret box that need two keys to open, Karina and Lora each keeps a key.

Scene1. One day, Lora walks in the suburbs, a masked man suddenly appears, he wants to hijack Lora and the fight begins. Lora uses some spin kicks and high kicks, then she jumps to his neck to punch his face, and then the man falls on his back and Lora sits on his chest and continues to do mounted punches. Lora just intends to interrogate him when another masked man creeps to her from behind and suddenly covers Lora's mouth with a handkerchief with something, so she fainted. 

Scene2.: Karina comes back to home and see a masked man stealing, she stops him, asks him seriously what is he doing. He takes out a knife and threatens her to hand over the secret key. Then the battle begins. Karina uses some kicks and punches, a single leg lock throat, then wrestles him down and sits astride him. Karina begins to interrogate him, first she asks who he is, he refuses to answer, so she hits him several mounted punches, and asks him again, he still doesn’t say, she continues to hit him. Finally he has to say he is “wild boar”, Karina knows that nickname, he’s a criminal. He cannot stand her punching anymore and he says that Lora has been hijacked by his buddy, if he doesn’t come back, his buddy will eliminate Lora. Karina orders him to take her to their camp tomorrow, she will go to rescue Lora. 

Scene3: the next day, Karina riding the man like a horse on the way to the camp. 

Scene4: Lora is tied to a chair, her eyes were covered, a man is interrogating her where her key is, hit her from time to time. But Lora doesn’t yield. Suddenly, they hear a girl's voice, sternly tell him to release Lora. That’s Karina is sitting astride on his pal’s back. His pal carrying Karina slowly crawling into the camp, then she orders him to stop.

The man asks wild boar how could he be ridden by a girl. Karina answers that wild boar was tamed by her. She orders him to untie Lora. Then she takes out a dagger and frames in the wild boar’s neck. 

So bison unties Lora's wrists and ankles, and tears off the cloth covered her eyes. Lora is free now. Lora is going to teach bison a lesson. Lora just about to counterattack bison when he gets the remote control and starts to threaten that he detonate the bomb in the camp. Bison orders Karina to release Wild boar. She has to obey. Just as bison's attention is focused on Karina, Lora sneaks close to him and grab the the remote control from his hand. 

So the fight begins. Fighting just started for a while, wild boar wakes up and suddenly attacks Karina locking her neck from behind. But Karina breaks free soon. So Karina turns to deal with wild boar. From here there are two girls VS two men. Girls will use some punches, some kick, and then wrestle them down. Then they are sitting astride them and punching them. After a while, the men beg the girls to spare them, they say that they have stolen some confidential U-disks where many secrets recorded and that they are ready to give that disks to them if they release them. 

Girls agreed.

They ride the bandits like the mounts to get the disks. 

Karina's U-plate is on the second floor. So there should be a shoulder riding scene of Karina: When she gets to the stairs, she orders the wild boar to be squatting position, she sits astride on his shoulder, and then orders him to stand up, carry her up the stairs…

They all get their U-disks and ride their mounts back to the former place. Wild boar and bison tired out of breath. Then Karina stands up and orders wild boar to lie down. She orders him to kiss her boot as a sign of submission. Wild boar has no other choice but to obey. Lora seeing this, orders the bison to lie down and do the same. Bison has no other choice but to obey.

When two girls order the two men to stand up all fours on the ground, they ride on their backs again. 

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Karina and Lora beat all the crap out of their mounts before to ride

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