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The outfit: black short dress, tan pantyhose, high heels. Casey is a secret agent. She is in the thug's lair tied to the chair. One of the thugs comes closer to her. The knife is tucked to his belt. He starts to interrogate her, he needs to know who sent her to destroy their gang. Casey keeps silent. It drives his crazy and he slaps her face. She is in fury, he will definitely pay for this.She angrily looks at him but suddenly a nice idea comes to her head. She starts to smile and cross her legs. The ruffian looks at her mesmerized by her crossed legs. Suddenly she kicks his hard to the balls and not giving time to recover to his head. The ruffian is squirming on the floor. Casey stands up, comes closer to him and kicks his balls again. He writhes in the twisted position, the knife sticks out of his pants. Casey sits down, grabs the knife and cuts her shackles. So, the hard beatdown begins from this moment. Casey use her fists, feet, legs, knees, elbows, head to beat the thug. She punchs and kicks his balls, stomach, face, back, ets. He is not just a punching bag, he tries to resist but Casey is very experienced fighter. Finally he is defeated. She does victory pose putting her feet on his groin.

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Captured agent Casey

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