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Two girls ring to the door. (have the leotards (one gray thong, one black high cut) on over skin colored tights (like the tights under gray thong leotard from other video- sheer to the waist) Over the leotards they either have on trench coats.

they are there to collect money- the guy has been gambling and owes money- but he is late paying back them back...he says ok, ok i have it....and he pays them.

but they don't leave- they say- sorry, but you were late- we can't have people not pay us on time- it makes us look bad, so you are gonna have to learn what happens to you when you don't pay us back on time......and they close the door

one of them slowly approaches him in a seductive manner.....or we could forgive you this one time- would you like that? he says yes, yes

but then she slams her knee into him- sorry, but we don't work that way, then a few uppercut punches to the stomach.....pausing briefly between punches...he is bent over in pain, the other girl says- save some for me....and she quickly strips to her leotard....she starts to work him over as the first girl strips to her leotard.....

now they take turns beating him....kicks to the face, stomach, knees to the stomach, uppercut punches to the stomach (more realistic is best- quality not quantity), elbows to the back of the head- snap kicks, front kicks, roundhouses, crescent kicks....and if he falls to ground- kicks to the stomach while he is down, but then they lift him off the ground and say, come on get up- you can do better than this- what's wrong, never had your ass kicked by two girls? i would prefer if they aren't gigling, but rather verbally taunting him, like sorry, but you brought this on yourself, and then a roundhouse kick....or then maybe they take turns holding his arms back while the other one works him over, just to add variety....next time don't be late....and a few final kicks to the stomach  while he's down on the ground....and they quickly put on their trench coats and walk out

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Collectors. We mean business

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