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  • The revenge of the champions

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Lora is in the gym for her daily training when suddenly enter three men. She knows one of the three and immediately she imagines what he want but she greats them quietly.

The man she knows is the ex European champion who is there for a rematch. He think he was the European champion so he can't accepte to lose with a girl!! 

But to be sure this time he's accompanied with others two men: the actual national champion and the actual european champion. 

When they enter the two new men think to meet a judo man because the old man said them he would a revenge against a challenger who beat him and they tought naturally he was a man. When they see the challenger is a sexy woman they laugh and they joke with the old man. They think that women are weak and they should coke the dinners to men. Lora is amused the two new men are very arrogant, she loves break m ales ego. The men ask her if she is a black belt in judo, she smiles and says she likes judo but she only saw some moves on internet and she tried its with some of her friend. The men laugh again, their friend lost with a girl who doesn't know judo.

Lora says she is strong because the girl training is very hard and she likes the challenges!!

The old man stops the dialogue, he want beat her and take his revenge!!!!

The match begin: Lora against the ex european champion. Lora dominates the fight, she beat down the man a lot of time and in some different way. In the first part of the challenge she beat down him but then she does some different holds and takes him in some desperate tape out. The other two men sometimes say something to encourage or stimulate the man. They can't believe he can't win against a girl. At last the man give up definetively. 

Now is the turn of the State Champion. He thinks it will be easy beat a girl but the match is not like he thougt. The girl incredibly beat down also this man, one time, two times, three time and then some holds and the man is taken to various tape out and at last he gives up.

It's the time of the european champion but Lora wins again.

The third man is close to the be out so Lora suggest to the first two that they could try togheter, in this way perhaps they could win. They accepte but she continues her domination also in an handicap match 2 vs 1.

When the third man have had a little of rest she advices to him to help his friends.

Lora wins continuatively until the men are on the mat without any strenght then she humiliates putting her feet on their faces or other things and pronouncing some phrasis about the males arrogance and the female power.

Some indications:

the match must be totally one sided but the men must try to win, they are not inactive. They try to flip or throw or catch Lora but they can't.

Lora must use the most large variety of moves she knows. I prefer the moves with more technic but everything is ok (for example they are very nice the moves of the video 1 and 2) and I love also the move like video 3)

When the individual matches start Lora defeates the man, during the fights she introduces also some submissions by the more various hold you know (if you want I could send some photos). Also when the fight is against more men she submits them in some multiple submissions. In the submissions the men try to be free but they can't.

In general the idea is that Lora is amused and self confident. She challenges, humiliates, teases the men. She thought above all the two actual champion could be stronger and skiller.

At your choise I would that Lora (after she understands she is stronger) propose also 1 or 2 handicap situations (head start), what you want and when you want.

The men initially are self confident, arrogant, full of male's ego, then they can't believe what it succeded and they can't accepte the losing so they try and they accepte any situation, only they want see Lora laying on the floor but they can't.

I love teasing and humiliation for the big men (during the fight and amongst the fight I would like some dialogue)


Lora is perfect exactly like "Practicing judo with the men's team" with black pantyhose and a black body. For the men I would prefer complete gi and black belt.


The usual gym

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The revenge of the champions

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