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  • Black Canary Lora Lance

Lora outfit to the introduction scene 1: one piece swimsuit or the bath suit 

Lora “Black Canary” outfit:  all in black, a short black jacket, black spandex leotard, black knee boots, black fishnet tights and also black gloves.


Short black jacket and gloves, from video "My pony is tired, I need a new one" 

Black spandex leotard, from video "Iron Lora Part II"

Knee boots, from video "The deal"

The plot of the story: a mercenary gang did take a luxury hotel in the city, they didn't know that Lora Lance (aka Black Canary) is there on vacation. They don't know the beating than wait for them.
Scene 1- In her room the Miss Lora Lance was ready to go to take a tan at hotel pool, when she heard fire shot noises and 3 men enter in her room, by the commotion Lora let fall the towel that she was willing put on.
Lora carries out a tactical assessment of the situation. She's faced with 3 armed men. Their positioning suggested no formal tactical training as they had left several paths of escape open to the girl. Obviously, they had no idea who they were dealing with.
The man nearest to Lora step forwards and stood close up against her; she tilted her head away from his foul breath. He grinned at her before speaking, “Wow”, what do we have here? “Explain me where a beautiful, sexy girl like you will go?” His gaze Lora's body from top to bottom. "I was ready to go to the pool but maybe you and your guys want a fight". Lora said grinned. The rest of the men laughed and began to close her.
As the first man move in to grab hold to Lora, she side stepped him and delivered a pulverizing chop to his throat. He instantly goes down, gurgling something about not being able to breath. 
The second man is momentarily stunned and she used this to her advantage, kicking him in the groin and following up with a vicious knee to the face as he falls to ground.
 Lora swung a hefty right hook at her third man, the power of which actually lifted the man off his feet. He landed on the ground, winded and barely conscious.
Lora spun around, waiting for the second wave of attack. Lora deliver a karate chop into her first assailant in the windpipe, before grabbing his head with both her hands and slamming his face into the nearby wall, left him fall.
She turn her attention to assailant number two who by now looked far from interested in continuing the fight. She jumped up in the air and delivered a stunning kick to his head. 
Meanwhile Lora realized the third assailant was coming back for seconds and she span round kicking him twice to the head and one in the stomach, he slumped over his knees. Lora put him out of his misery, she raise both hands to send double karate chop either side of man's neck. He slumped to the floor, "a broken man" Lora said grinned.
After she walk around the beaten guys, knowing that they will not awake by a long time, Lora enter to her bedroom to put her battle outfit. 
Dress up  scene: Take a look when Lora start to dress up, focus the fishnet tights running over Lora legs, running the leotard by Lora booty, putting up the black jacket, sliding her leg into the back boot and running the zip up. (Lesley, you are the best to decide this scene in 1min.) 
Scene 2:  She enters hotel corridor, there are 2 more thugs. She goes forwards and kicked the first man in the head, flipping him to crash against the corridor wall. 
The second man sprang forwards and lifts his trunk towards her. Lora spans out of the way and used her momentum to flip around behind her attacker, grabbing him around the throat with one arm and reaching to his head with the other. He sensed what she was about to do, but his reflexes just weren’t good enough to stop her. She was applying precision over neck. She left his body fall to the floor.
As the first man move slowly towards her, she attack pushing him into his back against the corridor wall and grab his neck. Their eyes meet briefly and she smiled slamming her palm into the underside of his chin. He is sleeping peacefully, like his friend. As he slides down the wall we get a great view from behind Lora, we see the guard slide down between the gaps in her legs.           
Scene 3: Down the stairs of hotel, she finds there is another thug in waiting; she slowly descends and calls him. The man turns around. Lora grabs with both hands the stair rails and raises her legs and clamped her thighs around his head into in a scissor hold, the man can't escape and slowly he's losing the consciousness. The man fall over his knees before Lora opens her legs and allowing the man fall to the floor.                                 
Scene 4: She enters hotel corridor, 2 more thugs to hit. The men get drawn off-guard by Lora's overpowering beauty and now were about to feel her overpowering strength and fighting skill. As first man stood stare at her, Lora acted quickly, kicking her right leg straight up and send his trunk flying. Then without lowering her leg, she pivot slightly and kick back, straight into the solar plexus of the still transfixed man. He bent double around her foot with a loud groan.
The second man gives voice to his shock. "What the… UNNH!" He is cut off by Lora moving in and punching him in the jaw. He stumbled back a few steps as Lora told him, "It is going to be that easy." 
Then she returns to first man. He is straighten up from her initial blow when Lora send the base of her open palm into his chin, following of a double karate chop over his shoulders, kick him in the groin and following up with a vicious knee to the face as he falls to ground. 
Meanwhile the second man recovered from her punch and closed in, cursing. "Damn! You got a lucky punch in, babe!" He didn't even bother looking for his trunk; he has to prove to himself now that he wasn't being beaten by a woman. He charge up and swung wildly at Lora's head. "Really?" she asks as she dodges back out of his reach.  She raise up her leg up bent at the knee and snapped her foot hard into his face. Her kick does him spin around and then down over his knees, she leans on the wall, rising up her leg up man head, "Here you have much lucky kicks too, handsome." Lora give rapid kicks into his face, until the man don't reaction, he's there over his knees , so than Lora use finger to punch his head, man down.
Scene 5: Lora's moving for another hotel area when two thugs found her, one in front and another back, this man immediately grabs her from behind, the another man comes closer in the front grinning. “Well babe, we will punish you” he says. We have to punish you. "I'm so excited" Lora answers with a smile. At this time, she uses her hands firmly holding the man's arms behind her as a prop to rise into the air and kick the head of the front attacker. The attacker stands up from the ground and comes to her again. Lora jump again and grab with her legs his neck, holding him by few seconds and threw him to the ground.                                                             
Then Lora steps the toe of the guy holding her by behind, hit his stomach with her elbow and knee into his head. He sprawls on the ground. Lora stands over him with a smile.
Lora move up to her first man sprawled over the ground, she sits on his chest, beat him with 5 punches and serpent strike to his larynx to finish him.
Lora go to second man than still is over the ground and raise her leg up and puts her heel on his throat and begins to press it, man is cold.
Scene 6: Lora enters to hotel main room, to find the gang boss dressing suit and tie, smoking tobacco talking with 2 armed men. "Who are you"? He asks.
"I'm your dreams girl and I will send you to dream with me" Lora said grinned.
“Get her out here" the boss order to his 2 guys, they moving pointing their weapons to Lora. With a fast attack, she uses both hands to grab the men weapons sending to crash against their faces, disarmed them.
Lora hit both men with her punches into their faces and a spinning kick, hitting both men sending them fall to ground.
The first man is straighten up from her initial blow when Lora send the base of her open palm into his chin, following of a double karate chop over his shoulders, karate chop into his neck side, kick him in the groin and following up with a vicious knee to the face as he falls to ground.
She then goes her attention to the second guard, who had managed to get to his hands and knees after her first attack. She stands before him confidently as he look up at her in fear.
"You like my legs?” Lora taunted delightedly, and in an instant she brings one of her shapely legs up in an immense high kick to his chin, the power of her kick maked him flying backwards off his hands and knees to crash down to ground. He still conscious, but he looks like his brain have been totally scrambled by her kick. Lora walk to him and, she plant one of her knee into his chest and another into throat holding him until he is out.  
In this moment the gang boss, push Lora fall to ground and he grab his hands around her neck pushing, Lora raises her legs and clamped her thighs about his head and throw him out of her.
Lora stands off and has not given time to man to recovery. She enters with rapid kicks into his face right, left and up, sending the man to fall to ground over his back. 
She walks around the beaten guy, and then she spread her legs over man head to take the man coat lapel and raise him, to give him three punches into face. "Not more please…" he begged. The rest of his words are cut off as she yanks his head up until his neck is clamped between Lora's thighs, with her hands on her hips Lora squeezed. His eyes roll as he is out. Lora grips her victim's neck for a few more before opening her legs and allowing the man's head fall to the floor.   
Notes:  Bad guys include gang boss should not dress mask, not worry if they are the same actors in 2 different scenes and different clothes (same like another videos). The gang boss clothes suit and tie (same like the video “La decima vittima”), focus in this video so a little different to others, will be tough style via karate chop/kick, serpent strike into larynx, knee and heel over bad guy neck and scissor holds).

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Black Canary Lora Lance

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