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  • Merry Christmas, darling!

Custom clip request

I would like to order another custom busting video, similar to my previous order.

For this video can we have the male fight back, and the female use counters/blocks to continue attacking his groin. 

Would still like the male to have reactions to groin strikes, and the woman to move his hands out of the way, or use a strike to face, etc to open male up for additional groin attacks and combos.

Would love to see woman in splits and use uppercut punches.

Prefer front kicks with instep (they were great in my last custom) and punches, chops, knees, back kicks. 

Would prefer woman in open toe shoes.

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Merry Christmas, darling!

  • Brand: LORA
  • Product Length: 10 minutes
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $9.99

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