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  • You belong to me, Little one

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Lora is a seductive villainess out to capture our hero (the male).  Little does he know that she possesses the strength of 5 men.  He is no match for her.  She will crush him. Once she has done so she will break his will to resist her with her beauty and seduction.  

A. He enters her lair. She is waiting for him, seated with her beautiful legs crossed.  She welcomes him and tells him that she has been expecting him.  Little does he know it, but he belongs to her now.

B. She stands up to her full height slowly. She is quite calm.  She walks over to him seductively

C. He tries to punch her in the stomach but it bounces off.  He tries again and she catches his fist. She chuckles and grabs his chin and pulls him close to her.

"I said you belong now me now, Little one. Observe"

D. She lifts him slowly off his feet by the neck, We see his feet dangling helpless by her shapely calves.

"as you can see, I have you. And now, I shall crush you."

E. She lowers him gently to the ground and pulls him into her arms. She wraps her arms around him pinning his arms by his side and begins to squeeze tighter and tighter. He can't break free.

"Shhhh. You're trapped.  There is no escape, my love"

F. She stares into his eyes as she crushes him slowly.  

"Shhhh, Give in to me.  It's the only way."

G. He is in her arms.  She holds his body gently

"Poor baby. Sleep.  Soon the fun will begin"


H. He wakes up at her feet.  She is seated back in her chair with her beautiful legs crossed

"Welcome back. I hope I didn't damage you permanently.  You see, I intend to keep you.  Soon, you will be mine."

I. You begin to slowly cross and uncross your legs. He is mesmerized.  

"Now I will break you, my love.  And when I have broken you, you will be mine forever."

More leg crosses

"It's useless to resist.  Submit to me"

J. Continued leg crosses as she slowly breaks him down.  When she sees that he is hers, she beckons him over with a finger.  He complies and she takes him between her legs in the chair, wrapping him up like a python. She puts her arms around his neck like a lover.

"You're mine forever."

K. She squeezes him between her legs.  

End of scene

It should seem effortless for her. She is composed and seductive the entire time.

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You belong to me, Little one

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