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  • Dealing with the bad guys in playfully dominant way. Part III

Custom clip request

I would like Casey to star in this script; barefoot, in a bikini with her hair tied back (eg in a pony tail)

The basic story is the same as last time: a gang have each got an app on their phones that can blow up a bomb. Casey, goes to their base to delete the apps and leave them humiliated in a playfully dominant way. (The gang can all be played by the same masked actor)

Scene 1: The first guard, armed with a rifle, is day dreaming. Casey approaches the guard silently and steals the clip from his rifle. She moves away and adopts a mannequin pose, holding the clip high. She coughs to get the guard's attention. He comes over to investigate and tries to take the clip back, but she moves it away from him each time he tries to take it, maintaining her mannequin pose. Each time the guard fails to get it, she smiles with satisfaction, unless the guard is looking at her face.

After a while Casey drops the clip on the floor. The guard bends down to pick it up and Casey puts her foot on his head, slowly pushing it down and pinning him to the floor, so he is lying on his tummy. She kicks the rifle and clip away, pushing him down again with her foot as he tries to get up. She sits on his back and takes his phone from his pocket and disarms it, showing him the phone she is finished. Then she smothers him using her hands.

Scene 2. <please try to film this fight from angles that include Casey's face> In the next room Casey finds another guard practicing karate. Casey stands in front of him in a karate pose and beckons him to attack her. He tries to hit and kick her several times but she ducks and blocks, taunting him "Come and get me!" etc, with a smile on her face. The guard soon pauses for breath. Casey smiles and wiggles her fingers at him and grins mischievously, saying "are you ticklish?"

The guard attacks with punches again. She blocks him. Once she has found an opening, she tickles him with her fingers. He laughs and retreats and Casey beckons him to attack again. He attacks and she blocks him again and tickles him and lets him retreat. This repeats a few more times. In the final time, he tries to kick her. She catches his foot and tickles it. She keeps going until he collapses on the floor. She keeps hold of his foot and says "Give me your phone or you will get some more!" He gives her the phone.

Casey takes his phone and sits down on a chair to delete the app. The guard comes to fight again, standing in front of her in a karate pose. She stays seated but raises both her feet in a mock karate pose and says "Want to try again? Go on..." <Please include a POV shot of her looking at her opponent from between her feet, wiggling her toes>. He attacks with punches but Casey blocks with her legs and feet and then tickles him with her toes. The she pushes him away.

The guard comes back one last time. Casey smiles and slowly rotates and waves her feet in his face. <<Please film so that Casey's face and soles are in the shot> He watches her feet until he is hypnotized and he stops moving, staring at her feet. Casey holds her feet motionless in front of his face while she finishes with his phone. Then she leaves, bowing like a karate fighter to him before she goes. He remains motionless, still hypnotized.

Scene 3. Casey comes into a room where a swordsman is practicing. He recognizes her from the last video and throws her the feather duster. He says "oh good - I have been training. You will not beat me this time". Casey takes the duster and poses like a fencer. She says "Really?" and then the fight begins <please film so that Casey's face is in shot as much as possible>. Casey starts by using the duster as a sword and beats the guard back. Then she starts tickling, mocking him that his training was no good.  She tickles him in different places including under both arms and his tummy.

Casey next does the splits (or kneels down) and tickles the guard behind his knees. This makes the guard fall to his knees. Casey gets up and runs rings round him, tickling him in different places. The guard is laughing too much to get up. Casey pushes him over with her foot and takes his sword away. He tries to get up but she tickles him again. Then she makes him give her his phone and she sits on him while she deactivates it.

Scene 4. <Again please film so Casey's face is in shot most of the time> The boss is sitting working at his computer with a long barreled trunk on his knee. His phone is on the table. Casey comes in quietly and sits on his desk, putting her feet on his lap. He tries to point the trunk at her but she struggles for the trunk with her feet. The boss manages to point the trunk at her but she slips her toe behind the trigger so he can't fire the trunk. The struggle continues and Casey wins, kicking the rifle across the room. She immediately grabs his phone and start to deactivate it. The boss tries to stop her, but she controls him with her feet. She pushes him into the chair, spins him round on the rotating chair and rubs his face with her feet. Sometimes the boss tries to punch her feet but she dodges him. When she has finished she laughs and shows him the phone. He gets up angrily to attack her, but she defeates him with a single kick to the face. Then she blows him a kiss and leaves.


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Dealing with the bad guys in playfully dominant way. Part III

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