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  • Elly is a strong woman

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Elly comes home with a date. She switches the TV on and there is a show about strong women. The guy takes a look at it and admits that he likes strong women. Elly is a childish character, always smiles and jumps around. So she is really excited about his confession and tells him, that she is really strong. She starts flexing her biceps and let him touch it. Now she challenges him to an armwrestling match. He struggles but can't manage to move her arm a bit. She smiles and mocks him a little bit, then finishes him. Now he is embarresed and wants to leave but she's jumping around that the fun just started. She shows again her biceps and pushes him through the room. He doesn't find it funny anymore and tries to fight back but she puts him in a headlock, drags him through the room and mocks him again. It's just a game for her. Now he got really angry and they start to fight. She can manage to put him in a sleeper hold, mocking him again (maybe for a minute) and he is out.  She's still laughing and silly. She wakes him up and admits that she likes to beat up men. Now the fight starts again and she beats the crap out of him. He doesn't stand a chance. She put's him again in a rear naked c.../sl..per hold and he is out again. She's mocking him while he's lying on the floor and does some victory poses. Then she sits on his back. She grab's his chin and snaps his neck.


Most important for me is that she acts sleeveless. When flexing her biceps and performing the sleeperhold I prefer the front angle. Maybe one closeup from her biceps at the end would be nice. When she beats im up it should be more punching, less kicking.

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Elly is a strong woman

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