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  • The martial art teacher and his student Lora. Part II

Custom clip request 

I liked the last custom video I ordered,so I'm thinking about a second one. 

The actors are the judo coach as the last video....Lora is the female judoka...and the guy I've seen in the video ''Lady Lora is able to fight back any insolent'' is the male judo champion.(or other muscled guy). All the actors wear a white judoji with black belt. Location is the gym...

The video starts with the coach and the male judo champion training in a newaza session (groundwork) on the ground with different osaekomi and reversals.

They fight with the belt around the pants and the jacket open...when one of them is pinned tryes to break the hold and continues the session without rest... otherwise he taps.They are concentrate and in silent.

After a while Lora enters in the gym...she asks them if she can stay to see the training.

The judo male champion says 'no problem for me...you can learn something about ne-waza ' and the training continues.

After few minutes Lora tells him ' I'm sure you couldn't escape from my pins even if you are a european champion!!! '...

The male judoka '' you are crazy...''

Now is the coach to speak...''this is a challenge that I call << Escape challenge>>...  Lora chooses 5 different kind of osaekomi and will pin you...when she's

ready says ''go..!!! ''if you aren't able to break the hold in a minute you lost the challenge..!!! I take the time with a timer...''

the male champion accepts the challenge....

1th pin is kesa gatame (picture 1)

2th pin is sankaku (picture 2)

3th pim is kami shiho gatame (picture 3)

4th pin is ura gatame (picture 4)

5th pin is mune gatame (picture 5)

Each time the male judoka is forced to struggle to break the pin...and every time before one minute he's able to break free....

but after the last pin...before to stand up she immediately attack him from behind and traps his arms with her arms and wraps her legs around his body...( pictures 6 and 7) .The male judoka says...''what are you doing???? ''... she says..''and now try to break free!!!...coach go...!!!...''

The coach starts with the chronometer and the male judoka struggles desperately to break free....

After 50 seconds the coach says...''10 seconds remain...come on...!!!9..8..7..6..5....4....3....2....1.....Lora wins...!!!! ''

But Lora don't leave the hold...( she wants humilate the man)...and asks him ''do you give?''...

the man ...''no way...!!!! ''.....but he can't move....

at the end he's forced to give up. Now he is upset and before to leave the gym tells her....

''next time I want you for a real match...you deserve a lesson...!!! ''

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The martial art teacher and his student Lora. Part II

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