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  • The justice can not be avoided. Karina is coming

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This one would star Karina as a ninja assassin on a mission to eliminate a crime lord and retrieve a briefcase from him.  Along the way she will have to deal with his bodyguard.  Would be looking at a clip around the 15 minutes mark.


As usual, I would like to ask you to pay special attention to camera angles, setting them up to best showcase the action.  Also consider pacing when designing the choreography in order to avoid repetitiveness and keep the action flowing and intense.  You can include close ups of the model’s feet when convenient for the action. Also reaction shots of the characters at key points to help drive home the action. Please use less slow motions and replays this time, just a few here and there when the situation really calls for it.


Ninja Karina’s costume consists of a white gi top, sleeveless or short sleeves if possible, white undergarments/shorts like Lesley in “Lesley avenges her brother”, but without the gloves and boots.  She should be barefoot, with some white bandage around an arm/leg or both.  A white cloth to cover the bottom of her face is optional but if used should come off at some point.  Preferably she wears no nail or toenail polish and has minimal to no make-up.  Please feel free to add other accessories, everything she wears has to be pure white.  Her attitude should also be cold and icy, not playful. 

The boss should be a good actor at selling pain, while the bodyguard somewhat bulkier.  Bodyguard can wear some suit, preferably darker to better contrast with Karina.  Boss can wear dark pants.


The first scene has Karina making her way through the boss’s compound.  She has to get through the bodyguard in order to proceed to his inner chambers. The fight should occur in a room large enough to accommodate Karina’s fighting style.  She initially aims to sneak up on him and dispatch him quickly with one lethal strike, but something goes wrong and she now has a tough fight on her hands.

I will leave the choreography of this scene to you.  Please make full use of Karina’s impressive fighting abilities to produce a fast, hard hitting scene where she takes him down using her full arsenal, focusing on kicks as much as possible.  He should get a few blows in also, he is a skilled fighter and is able to absorb some damage, but ultimately her strikes slow him down and she eliminates him using some vicious finishing move.  Once he is finished she proceeds towards her main target.

The second scene begins in a large bathroom with the boss preparing to take a bath to unwind after a long day.  He takes off his holster and hangs it nearby.  He only has his pants on.  As he looks into the mirror he sees Karina standing right behind him, having snuck up on him undetected. 

Before he can react she delivers twin karate chops to the sides of his neck followed by a kick between his legs, from behind.  As he bends over she brings him down with an axe kick to the back.

She demands he reveals the location of the briefcase and in exchange she will let him live a little longer.  He gets back up, holding himself against a wall, and lunges towards her.  A short fight ensues, more one sided this time as the boss is not an experienced fighter, but is still fighting for his life, so should try his best.

The bathroom setting can be replaced by a Jacuzzi or other, or the fight can briefly move into an adjoining room to facilitate camera placement.

 A standing foot on throat interrogation with her pinning his neck against the bathroom wall scene should be inserted at one point, where she again asks for the location of the briefcase as she holds him with her foot.  He professes ignorance and begs for mercy as he grasps at her ankle, trying in vain to dislodge her foot.  This could last a minute or so and be shot with different angles including reaction shots and a shot clearly showing the foot on throat.

Eventually a kick to the knee or leg cripples him and he tries to crawl away from her on the bathroom floor.  Walking up behind him, she grabs him under the arms and drags him to the bathtub, which is filled with water.  She pushes his head under the water for a while, applying pressure to his back with her knee or sitting on it.  He struggles in vain.  Then she takes it out of the water and demands the location of the briefcase.  After a few times, he finally breaks down and tells her where it is.  She leaves him sprawled on the floor coughing up and trying to catch his breath and heads for an adjoining room. 

-         Don’t go anywhere yet.  She tells him.

A brief scene follows where we intercut to and from her finding the briefcase in another room.  During this time, the crippled boss attempts to crawl towards his holster, still hanging where he left it, out of reach.  Karina validates the content of the briefcase before returning to the bathroom to finish her job.

The boss see her standing above him and looks up at her, reminding her of the deal, but she replies that she did in fact let him live “a little while longer”.  She flattens him with an axe kick or stomp to the back of the head.  She then unwraps one of her arm or leg bandages and wraps it around his neck, choking him.  She steps on his back to apply more pressure.  After a few moments she gives a sharp pull and breaks his neck.

She is checking his pulse, picks up the briefcase and leaves the scene.

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The justice can not be avoided. Karina is coming

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