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  • Lora against Matt. To defeat the champion

Custom clip request 

Here's the script:

Lora: wearing revealing but sporty-looking gym clothes and shoes, hair is tied into a ponytail

Matt: tight plain white t-shirt to show off physique, basically just solid white, no graphics on the shirt. If white isn't available, then another solid color if possible), later shirtless, gym shorts, sporty shoes, and please no mask. I like seeing the guy's reactions!

NOTE: This will be a mixed fighting custom where Lora will fight and KO Matt several times until he's out for good. I'd like it if you could focus the action on stomach/abdominal punches, kicks to the face and stomach, and uppercuts. I'd like the camera to focus on the guy's reactions to getting hit, and occasionally show a close-up up his face or stomach when he takes particularly hard hits. Along with seeing the his reactions to taking hits, I'd also like him to grunt/groan in pain as he's receiving punches/hits. Please no slow motion or repeating scenes, though! I'd also like to see a few moments where the Matt is dazed/groggy like in “Lora punishes cocky guys - Part 3” and having him briefly roll his eyes as he's getting KO’d. Matt will act like a cocky tough guy throughout the fights, while Lora will act more playful, laughing and teasing as she beats him.

SCENE: The video starts with Matt finishing up a workout in his gym with push-ups as Lora walks in. “Are you the strongest fighter here?” she asks innocently, “I'd like to challenge you.” With a cocky laugh, Matt stands up and flexes his biceps, saying, “If you think you can defeat me, you're welcome to try!” Lora readies her fists with a smile and tells him, “We’ll just have to see!” Matt brings up his fists as well and the fight begins.

Fight 1: Matt is definitely a challenge for Lora at first. Even though the two trade punches, Lora seems to receive the harder hits, even falling down a couple times. She starts to turn the fight around though after she blocks a punch from Matt. He wasn't expecting it to happen, so Lora immediately counters with a punch to his stomach that surprised him. (Show his reaction if you can) Before he can recover, Lora throws another powerful punch to his stomach that visibly weakens him. She then follows up with some rapid-fire gutpunches (she works Matt's stomach like a speed bag) for about 10 seconds. Afterward, Matt clutches his aching stomach and appears dizzy/groggy for about 10 seconds (just like in your Lora punishes cocky guys - Part 3 movie). Lora teasingly kisses her own fist before throwing a heavy uppercut to Matt's chin. He briefly sways unsteadily on his feet before briefly rolling his eyes. He falls flat on his back, KO’d. The camera zooms in and focuses on the KO’d Matt for a few seconds before fading to black.

Fight 2: Matt wakes up and painfully pushes himself up from the floor to his feet. Lora laughs and teases, “Glad to see you're finally awake. You looked like you needed the rest!” Matt briefly shakes himself awake before telling her, “You got lucky. I went easy on you since you're a girl!” Matt then pulls his T-shirt off and tosses it away off camera. He flexes his biceps and shows off his muscles before bragging, “There's no way you'll beat me a second time.” Lora laughs and says, “Very impressive. Good luck!” 

The two begin fighting. Matt changes his fighting style to a more quick approach. He throws quick punches and kicks that are hard to block and are aimed more at tiring his opponent out than focusing on doing lots of damage. Lora has a lot of trouble keeping up with him at first. She takes a lot of hits throughout the first half of the fight that she has trouble blocking. She only starts to turn the fight around when she begins dodging his punches altogether instead of trying to block. His quick style of fighting starts to wear him out and leave him open to more punches from her. After a particularly heavy punch, Lora grasps him by the shoulders and knees him in the stomach twice in quick succession followed by an uppercut. She does this a second time and leaves him feeling groggy. She then punches him in one side of the face and then immediately hits him from the other side. He’s completely unable to defend himself and remains groggy and dazed. She throws another powerful punch deep into his stomach that doubles him over. Lora then grabs him by the chin with one hand and lifts him back up so that he’s standing up straight. She slams another punch to his stomach, but keeps her fist pressed in this time, and keeps him standing straight with her other hand still holding him by the chin. Matt grunts and groans in pain and starts to roll his eyes. Soon his eyes are closed and he starts to slouch, having been KO’d. Satisfied, Lora pulls back her fist from his stomach, but keeps him held up straight. She winds up her free arm and then throws an uppercut that finishes him. Matt falls backward, landing flat on his back with a moan, out cold. Lora laughs and teases, “Guess you were wrong again!” The camera once again zooms in and focuses on Matt for a few seconds before fading to black.

Fight 3: With more difficulty this time, Matt manages to wake himself up and unsteadily climb back up to his feet. He briefly sways dizzily, but manages to make himself alert. He's clutching his aching stomach in pain at first, but readies his fists to fight saying, “I won't let you beat me again. There's no way a girl like you is this strong!” Matt throws several quick punches, but Lora easily dodges them. She counters with two quick but powerful punches to his stomach followed by an uppercut that cause him to stagger a few steps backward. Lora continues this several more times, alternating between throwing several punches to his stomach and then an uppercut to make him keep staggering backward until his back is against the wall. Matt struggles to stay alert and take a deep breath. Lora gives him a smile before pummeling his stomach with punches. She works his stomach like a speed bag for about 15 seconds, during which he starts to roll his eyes but manages to catch a second wind and wake up and endure the beating. Lora smiles again and allows him to catch his breath before throwing a few more heavier, slower punches to his stomach. Each one weakens him considerably until he's barely even awake.

Seeing that Matt is just about done, Lora grasps him gently by the chin and pulls/leads him away from the wall and back toward the center of the room. Matt groans in pain, just barely conscious. Lora lets go of him and he sways dizzily on his feet. She playfully blows a kiss at him. Matt rolls his eyes briefly before falling flat on his back. Wanting to ensure her victory, Lora stands over him, and then fires off a punch to his stomach. Matt briefly twitches from the hit and groans. Lora delivers several more gutpunches as Matt twitches from each hit, but the twitches become weaker and weaker until the final punch where Lora keeps her fist pressed in until he gives a weak moan and remains still, finally KO’d for good. 

After that, Lora gives him a quick kiss. stands up happy with her handiwork and comments, “This was really fun! We're gonna have to do this again soon. Enjoy your nap for now, though! You deserve it! She gives a playful wave to her beaten opponent before leaving. Lastly, the camera pans over and zooms in and focuses on Matt from the waist up for about 10-15 seconds until the camera fades.

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Lora against Matt. To defeat the champion

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