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  • There are no impossible tasks for ninja Karina

Custom clip request 

I wanted to request a video with Karina. It will have one guy in a mask who will play in different scenes.

Number of people: 1 man, Karina


A group of soldiers went rogue with plans to sell to the highest bidder. Karina is sent in to eliminate the soldiers and get the plans back.


Man - military uniform, mask

Karina - black ninja uniform: mask, hood, jacket, pants (two sizes larger to make it easier for her to move), barefoot 

Scene 1: Karina wears black soft shoes for this scene only.)

Soldier is outside of building, guarding the entrance. The guard paces back and forth, letting Karina learn his pattern. Karina moves around to surprise the guard from behind. (She does her best to make no noise when she moves.) As she moves behind the guard, the guard turns around. Karina strikes his throat with a punch to keep him from making noise, a finger claw to the eyes to blind him, a kick to the solar plexus, and a kick to the stomach. Karina strikes the guard a few more times to weaken him, finishing with a neck snap. She then enters the building and takes off her shoes.

Scene 2: quick scene

Karina moves to the next floor, again doing her best to make no noise at all. There is a guard standing at the top of the stairs, weapon in his hands. Karina moves up behind him and uses her foot to touch the inside of his ankles. The guard looks down and Karina kicks up with her foot between his. The man is unable to scream and falls to his knees. Karina moves her foot around the side of his body, smashing his stomach with the heel of her foot. She then strikes to his eyes and throat several times before finishing him with an elbow strike to the top of his head.

Scene 3: Quick scene

(Camera view from behind soldier). The soldier walking toward the stairway. When guard is at the corner with the stairway, a round kick to the face appears. (Only the leg is seen from behind) Then the leg is pulled back and another round kick strikes to his face. (Camera view stays behind soldier) Karina then steps in front of the guard and strikes high to the face and then low to the stomach many times (using different strikes from different positions). The guard falls on his back and Karina strikes his stomach with a heel stomp. (Second camera view is from man's eyes with her heel striking his stomach).  The guard sits up and she finishes him with a side kick to the throat. (Switch to camera view from behind Karina and repeat this scene.) 

Scene 4: (camera zooms on random strikes) 

Karina checks a room on the same level and finds a guard inside. She decides to punish him before finishing him. She enters in quietly and attacks him. She uses kicks, punches, chops, knees, elbows, forearm, palm slaps, anything can think of. She does the strikes standing, kneeling, from the ground, from the sides, from behind, back to back. Every attack from the man she uses a different strike or direction of strike. Once the man can no longer fight, he falls on his back and stays down. Karina does a forward roll towards the man and uses an axe kick to his stomach. The man sits up in pain and Karina kneels close to him. She grabs the back of his head and pushes his head against her shoulder to cover the scream. She punches his stomach hard with her other hand and then grabs them. The man screams from the pain, but is covered by her shoulder. (Camera is now behind the man, showing the man and Karina's face. Karina is looking straight ahead and makes an angry face under the mask, showing it in her eyes. Finally she crushes his throat with serpent strike. The man twitches against her shoulder and Karina stands up still looking forward (camera stays with her as she moves up, not showing what happened to the man). Karina leaves the room and goes to the last floor.

Final scene:

Karina down the hall, checking for the plans. She finds a room that has a computer but has a soldier there. She decides to play with this one by dodging his attacks using acrobatic moves and punishing by attacking his stomach and face. She uses creative strikes from different angles to beat the man. The man tries to use weapons found in the room, but Karina dodges his attacks and disarms him each time. The man falls to the  ground and Karina uses an acrobatic  to land on top of him. She finishes the man quick a slow turning of his head to break the neck. She makes the angry face again, showing it in her eyes. Once she is done, she goes and gets the plans and walks to the door. She stops at the door and takes on the mask and hood. She shakes out her hair then looks over her shoulder to the camera smiling. She then looks down under the camera. (Camera slowly scans down all the way to her feet, then up to her face.) She smiles again and says "I am coming for you now." Then she leaves the room.

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There are no impossible tasks for ninja Karina

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