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Custom clip request 

I'd like to discuss the possibility of a custom clip with you. I really like the courses in your clips where the girls get attacked to no effect at all, so naturally I want to see more of it. The girl would be amused by any attempts to harm her and not even bother fighting back.

My idea would be a sequel to the most recent "Elly came back!" clip. Elly is relaxing at home, probably slightly bored, when the bell rings. 

She opens to see two thugs, barking that they wants their money back or something alike. She would be mildly amused and just ask them to come in, before moving back to her living room (turning her back to them). They follow and try to intimidate her into telling them where the money is. This obviously doesn't work.

Eventually one guy loses his temper and punches her in the face. She just smirks and encourages him to punch harder, which starts the action part.

The two guys will try all kind of attacks (uppercuts, kicks) and attack angles to harm her, but to no avail. Her durability would be way over the top, as she taunts them to try harder. After a particuar strong kick (or punch) she casually mentions that that attack didn't work and maybe a bit of a run up would help. The guy promptly tries this and hurts his foot as Elly remarks something along the lines of "Nah, didn't help at all."

While the face and stomach should recieve a lot of attacks, I'd like some variance every now and then, like a couple of stomps on her foot or maybe a guy trying to yank her hair. She may even compliment such ideas, all while pointing out they'd need to be stronger for such an attack to work.

At some point one of the guys desperately tries to attack her as she just stands there, after a while asking him if he really thinks its going to work with a calm or amused voice.

What I'd also like to see is that they grab her at some point and ram her head first against a wall or some other solid object. This would obviously have to be done at an angle where we don't see the impact, but sound effects would indicate the sheer power they used. After they tried this she is comfortably lying on the floor while they try to kick and stomp her (some really hard kicks between the legs would be great). One of them eventually kneels over her and tries a series of hard punches to her face (this could be a POV scene) which do nothing but amuse her before she eventually gets back up, tossing him aside.

In the end they realize they can't hurt her no matter what and try to leave, only to notice she is currently blocking the exit. They desperately try to shove her away and launch another couple of punches and kicks before they are basically broken with no fighting spirit left. 

At that point Elly allows them to go, offering them to come back any time.

Overall it shouldn't seem like the guys are weak. Occasinally we could be hinted at the kind of attack a guy attempts, but cut to their faces in time to see how shes amused while we hear the attack connecting. We might hear him trying a few more times as his expression shifts from determination to desperation. In essence knowing what happens is more important than seeing every detail.

The girl is completely invulnerable to anything the guys try, but seems to be having fun without being too childish. She readily assists them in their attemts to hurt her by presenting herself wide open and frequently encourages them to keep trying. While she taunts them by pointing out that an attack didn't hurt at all she doesn't mention anything along the lines of being "just a girl".

If you feel like the video needs more humor she could do mundane stuff like grabbing and drinking a glas of soda during the fight and maybe even defending it against their attacks, but while I wouldn't mind that it would be mostly just to fill some time.

At least one of the guys should not be wearing a mask and will occasionally be flabbergasted when the girl just smirks through another one of their attacks.

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Invulnerable Elly

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