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  • Iron Lora comes to rescue

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Two thugs are threatening or beating up some victim: perhaps he/she was walking by, and the two thugs hold him/her up.  Now, the heroine appears ( let's say she is coming from her yoga class or so, thus the outfit).  She says something like "Stop that! Why don't you try someone your size?" or so. They laugh at that, let the victim go, some taunting back-and-forth, then a fight ensues, two-vs-one.  It is a tight and tough back-and-forth fight, but the heroine soon starts dominating the fight, to the surprise of the guys until two more men show up.  She calls out to them for help, but it turns out they are thugs too and friends of the first two.  They join the fighting, now it is four-vs-one. Perhaps they even have some weapons (Bats?  Knifes?  Chains?).  It becomes a really tight and bitter back-and-forth battle, often with several or all of them going at her at once (rather than her fighting one guy, then the next and so forth, though that's occasionally fine too).  The guys have their moments, where she is in some trouble, but she is tough, she can take it, and she gets out again and again.  Say, some guys hold her, the others are punching her in  the abs, in the face, but she fights out of it, turns the tables (no kicks to the genitals though ... keep it "clean"!). While she is beating up one or two guys, the others attack her again, etc., a back-and-forth battle.  It would be great to have part of the fight take place on the ground.  Make if look as much as a real fight as possible.  

They keep taunting her, and she keeps taunting them back.  They laugh about her, initially, but she increasingly laughs at them. Gradually, she gains the upper hand and the guys get increasingly frustrated.  

Eventually, she even gives them various handicaps later in the fight, to show them that she is much stronger than them together.  She beats up all four of them badly.  She leaves.  The end.

On the back-and-forth taunting: you do a great job in your videos, just encouraging you to do a lot of that here, too.  Some suggestions.  The guys may say things like "You hit like a girl!", "Please don't cry, when I hit you!", "Oh, just a little girl and she thinks she can fight us!", "She really thinks we are afraid of her!", "I was going easy on you until now!", "You will regret messing with us!".  

She might say things like: "You guys are pathetic!", "Aww, four strong guys and you cannot defeat a little girl?", "Is that all you got?", "It takes more to take me down!", "Come on, try again!",  "Was that supposed to hurt me?", "You really need to hit much harder, if you want to defeat me", "It is just me against all of you, and you are still loosing!", "You are so weak." ," I am stronger than all of you together".  Just suggestions to get you started, feel free to be creative here!

The four-vs-one fighting should be about two thirds of the video, the two-vs-one about one thirds, with some intro etc around it all. Make it very dynamic, lots of action.

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Iron Lora comes to rescue

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