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  • Before to meet the boss try to handle his girlfriend Elly

Open on Lora and Casey chasing down a crime lord and they corner him.  It looks like they have him easily-- until he calls out his 'girlfriend' Elly.

Lora and Casey are sure they can easily take Elly.  The three girls exchange some banter until Elly states that the girls can attack her at will-- she won't defend herself.  Lora goes first and Elly is like steel.  She can't phase Elly.  Casey steps up and tries as well.  Again, even her martial arts can't do anything to Elly who laughs and smiles at the attacks throughout all of this.

Ellys calls for more.  This time Casey and Lora try together.  At the same time they throw punches to Elly's stomach-- both only hurt their hands and Elly is fine.  This kind of thing goes on for a while longer until Elly starts to attack with power moves.  Grabs both in a double throat lift.  Gets each in a bearhug.  Elly dominates for most of the battle.

Finally, Elly has them both down in front of her.  It looks as if Elly has the victory and that's when both Lora and Casey kick her in each knee.  This is the first time Elly is hurt.  They then work together and slowly chop Elly down.  Both are exhausted by the end but they beatdown Elly...barely.

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Before to meet the boss try to handle his girlfriend Elly

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