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  • Terminatrix Karina crushes the heads

Note: Nobody was hurt during the filming. If you believe that this video could negatively affect you please don't watch it.

Custom clip request

Hi, I was just wondering if you guys could do another terminatrix style video,but could you include a scene where the model crushes the heads of few goons to a pulp with just her bare hands and could she be wearing black nail polish as well, it doesn't matter which model it is you are all hot! And could the video be around 15 mins long?

Can I leave the details at your discretion except for 3 scenes?   the first scene is where the model grabs a guy (who is standing in a doorway) by the chin with one hand and lifts him till his head is touching the top of the doorframe then continues to crush his head into the frame,the guy struggles and screams in agony...in the second scene she goes into a room where there are two men,one of the men throws a punch,where she catches his fist and crushes it, he falls to his knees in front of her where she puts grabs his head with both hands and slowly crushes his head to a pulp(hands on either side of his head),he screams and struggles also, she then walks over to the terrified second guy grabs him by the throat with one hand and lifts him off his feet and crushes his neck..and the third scene is where she enters a room with two men where they fight and she overpowers them,she crushes one guys head into the wall and crushes the second guys head with both hands hands as in the second scene....I'll leave the rest to your discretion. The model should wear the same as the terminatrix but without the gloves and sunglasses and can she wear black nail polish?

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Terminatrix Karina crushes the heads

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