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  • Lora practicing judo with the men's team

Custom clip request 

Practicing judo with the men's team 

Short description: a girl walks into judo practice of three guys.  She challenges them to a bunch of judo matches, and wins them all, 

being cocky throughout.  

Actress: I like Lora and her work, so she could do it well.  I think Casey would be great at this as well.  I leave that choice to you.

Outfit: a long-sleeve, shiny gymnastics leotard.  

Actors: three guys.  It would be good, if one of them is visibly larger, bulkier, stronger and bit older than the other two, but not strictly 

necessary: I will call that guy the "coach" and the other one the "judokas".  It would be good if they all look quite muscular and 

athletic, but that's not strictly necessary either.

Outfit: the best outfit would be some judo gear.  If that's too tricky, some sporty outfit will do.

Location: a gym somewhere, with a judo/gym mat on the floor.

The story:

The two judokas practice judo with each other, perhaps one practicing a move on the other one.  The coach watches them, giving them instructions.  

The girl walks in, dressed in a gymnastics leotard.

Girl: "What are you guys doing here?  I thought this is the gymnastics practice session!"

Coach: "You should have checked the new schedule.  Gymnastics practice session is in an hour.  This is judo practice for our elite 

judokas.  Just come back later."

Girl, first turns to leave, but then turns around again: "Judo, I always wanted to try this out!  Would you let me practice judo?"

The judokas stop, they all look and laugh at her. "Don't be ridiculous.  These guys have been practicing this for years, and you 

just want to try this out?  This is a session for elite judokas, not beginners.  Besides, you are a girl.  Guys are much stronger and tougher."

Girl: "But don't you know, girl gymnasts are particular tough.  I bet I can beat you guys, experience or not."

The guys laugh hard at the suggestion.

One of the judokas: "Hey coach, lighten up.  Let's just have a bit of fun with her.  Then we can resume our practice.  What do you say?"

Coach to the girl: "These guys go hard!  Don't blame me if you get bruised and if you start crying!"

Girl: "I hope they go hard!  But don't blame me either, if they get bruised and start crying.  Who wants to go first?"

Coach and judokas laugh.  Judoka 1 volunteers.  They start to practice judo.  After about a minute or so, she pins him.  Girl: "I think I 

just won!"

Judoka 2 and coach make fun of judoka 1.  Judoka 1: "I was just going easy on her, that's all."

Judoka 2: "Let me show you, how it is done."

Judoka 2 and girl practice judo, judoka 2 puts more effort into it than judoka 1, and the fight lasts a bit longer.  The coach shouts 

instructions to his judoka.  The girl still wins.

Girl: "You guys are wimps! That was easier than I thought!"

Coach: "What happened?  Didn't I teach you anything?"

Judoka 1: "We were just tired, that's all".

Girl: "Perhaps it needs the two of you to beat me.  Two big guys against a little girl like me, how about it?"

They practice judo two-vs-one.  Even tougher for her, coach shouting instructions,  but she beats them eventually.

Girl, "come try again, I give you a head start".  She lets the guys pin her to the ground, perhaps one sitting on her, the other having her in a head lock.  She struggles, manages to break out, and wins again.

Coach: "You want to be elite judokas?  This is crazy.  You got beaten by a little girl, you don't deserve to be trained by me!"

Girl: "Oh yeah?  Perhaps you want to give it a try?"

Coach: "I was European champion, you have no chance at all."

They practice judo, tough for the girl, longest one-on-one match yet, but she eventually wins, making fun of the coach.

Girl: "Ok, to restore your honor, why don't you all three go against me, and try to beat me?  Hey, I even give you a head start!"

She gives them a head start, where they pin her already and hold her already, they practice judo, 3-vs-1.  Longest, hardest fight for her, but she wins, once again.

Girl gets up, smiling, guys are exhausted.

Girl: "Thank you for the work out and for showing me, how judo works!  I told you, girl gymnasts are tough!  If you want to come to a 

tough workout, come to the gymnastics practice session in an hour!"

Smiles, walks off, the end.

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Lora practicing judo with the men's team

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