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  • Kissing Lora's biceps

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2 Henchman and a Boss are hanging out in a studio/office/apartment .The Boss is congratulating his henchman. 'Well done guys, you have done well, nothing can stop us from building our empire now'. The Boss says cradling a bag full of money.

Just then the door is burst open and Lora struts in dressed in the same outfit as 'The Streetfighter part 2' but without the coat.

All the guys look up 'Who's this'? The Boss queries.

'I'm here for the money you owe Mr Pink' Lora then struts in front of the guys and stares. 'And instead of coming over here himself he sends a woman' The Boss questions trying not to laugh but then all the guys all burst out laughing.'Oh I'm not a normal woman, I'm lethal' Lora counters then flexes her biceps, there is a creaking sound 'And I guarantee that if you don't just give me the money then you'll all be kissing these muscles'. The guys all start laughing again. The Boss gestures to guy no.1 'Get rid of her' He stands up and walks over to Lora. Lora is just standing in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips. He goes up and punches her straight in her abs, she doesn't flinch. He punches with the other hand, Lora doesn't budge as he is left standing there looking at his hurting hands. Lora then punches him about 20 times in his abs. He is winded and drops to his knees. The Boss and guy no.2 look at each other. Then the Boss gestures to guy no.2. He approaches and throws 3 punches to Lora head but her lightening fast reflexes she dodges. He tries 3 more but Lora evades these. She then puts her guard up and throws a left hook, right hook, left uppercut, 2 left jabs a quick left,right and then a massive right. The guy is out on his feet just wobbling. Lora goes up to him and blows him and he falls over. Lora stands in between the fallen guys and stares at the Boss. She then gets the 2 guys to their feet and challenges them to a fight. The fight continues for about 2/3 minutes with mainly rapid fire punch combinations and embarrassing the guys with Lora's lethal martial art skills. During the fight Lora keeps looking over at The Boss who is still seated in his chair holding the money. She smiles and winks at him. The fight concludes with guy no.1 throwing a punch at Lora, she catches it. Guy no.2 then throws a punch at her she catches that also. She now has a guy either side of her and has their fists and holding them off. She starts crushing their fists, the guys call out in pain. All the time Lora is staring at The Boss smiling. The Boss moves uncomfortably in his chair. Lora then pulls both guys together and they collide with one another and fall at Lora's feet out cold. Lora flexes her biceps again in a strongman pose. 'Ready to kiss these muscles' she asks.

The Boss stands up puts the bag of money down and takes his jacket off. He approaches Lora. Lora is standing with her hands on her hips again. He punches her in the abs with a right, nothing, he then tries a left, Lora doesn't move he then tries 20 quick punches all to Lora's abs. He steps back bemused and looks at his painful hands. Lora takes his hands and gently kisses them 'Oh baby do they hurt?'. She then hits him with a left, then another then a right uppercut then a left hook right hook left uppercut. The Boss is dazed. Lora retreats and starts flexing again and smiling. The Boss advances again and Lora hits him with a quick 1,2 then left hook right hook a left right to the rib cage then a right uppercut. She retreats again and teases by saying she could take him on with one hand and puts one hand behind her back. The Boss advances on Lora and throws a wild punch that Lora ducks, he then throws another that Lora ducks, she then hits him 4 times with her right hand sending him up against a wall. She then lifts her leg and pins his neck to the wall with the arch of her boot. Although standing on the one leg Lora starts posing lifting her arms and flexing her biceps. She lets him go. He then tries to hit her with punches that again Lora evades. She then hits him with 2 quick lefts a right a left uppercut a right hook left hook followed by a massive right that sends him crashing back into the wall and he slides down the wall out cold. Lora grabs the bag and goes to leave but then she has an idea, she smiles. Lora puts the bag down again and gets the 3 guys to there feet again. She challenges all 3 of them to fight to her at once, for the money. First she challenges them to a boxing match, can they last 1 round with her. She pretends to ring the bell then takes the first 1 on sending him down in seconds. Then the guy no.2 puts up a bit of a fight but is beaten down. Then The Boss is beaten down with 1 almighty punch. Lora tuts 'You cant even last 1 minute'. She then gets them to their feet again. And takes them on with mainly kicks this time. Jump scissor kicks, cartwheels, windmill kicks, back roundhouse kicks, axe kicks. Could she also do a kick where she lifts her leg, grabs the heel of her boot then tenses her leg and then lets go releasing her foot into the guys face. In this section could you also have it where Lora does a handstand then falls onto the guys shoulders grabs his neck between her legs then pulls herself up like a sit up and then punches him in the face( Like in  Streetfighter pt 3). At the end of the fight The Boss is on the floor dazed, Lora then pins his wrists to the floor with the arch of her boot and challenges the 2 henchman to release him by hitting her in the abs. The 2 guys continually hit her in the abs while Lora doesnt budge The 2 guys get worn out. She then releases The boss from her boots but puts his head between her thighs she then grabs 1 guy under her arm the guy 2 under her other arm in a head lock and challenges them to release themselves while she squeezes them. The guys call out in pain and thrash about trying to release themselves.Lora says 'You mean to say I've the strength of 3 men' The guys are still struggling. Lora questions 'Are you ready to kiss my muscles?' She lets the guys go. They fall to the floor. they slowly get to their feet. Lora lifts her arms in a strongman pose and flexes her biceps. The Boss does nothing. Lora grabs his hand and places it between her bicep and forearm, she then squeezes, there is an audible crack as she breaks his fingers. 'Okay okay' the boss screams out. The 3 guys start kissing her biceps Lora looks pleased and really smiles as the guys are kissing her all over. Once happy Lora then steps back and punches the 2 henchman out cold she then grabs The Boss by the shirt and then continually punches him in the face with the other hand. He is more or less out on his feet but Lora is holding him up. Lora then puts her bicep under The Bosses chin and flexes, the raised muscle bulge then throws the Boss out on top of the 2 guys leaving all 3 in a heap. Lora then leaves with the bag smiling all the while.

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Kissing Lora's biceps

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