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  • Terminatrix Casey crushes the balls

Custom clip request 

In this scenario Casey is a Terminatrix (female terminator) sent from the future to destroy four criminals in a gang and their leader, the clip will involve a lot ballbusting scenarios. 

Wardrobe:  All leather clothing with sunglasses like in the movies, transparent/skin nylons, the Terminatrix has high heels for the first scene only, then she takes them off, so for the rest of the clip the Terminatrix is barefoot. 

Scene 1 :  As she appears from the time vortex, already in the full Wardrobe she starts walking towards the male criminal, as she gets closer she looks at him through Terminatrix vision, the red display like in the movies, but as she gets closer the bandit hears her high heels but its too late, she quickly snap his neck. 

Scene 2: Realizing that her high heels make to much noise, she takes them off, then proceeds to the next  bandit who is facing backwards to her and she slowly walks up toward him and for moment looks at him with her Terminatrix vision, then she stops behind him and kicks him in the balls with her foot showing in the front and hold it there for 5 seconds, show this scene from multiple angles, front , back , from the bottom, and shoot another take in slow mode. After this him she looks through her Terminatrix vision, to see if he is leader then leaves.   

Scene 3: As she is walking through the building looking for the leader, a criminal ambushes  her and fires at she with his trunk ( with no effect) then she takes off the sun glasses and smiles and walks up toward him and grabs his throat and lifts him up with one hand, but as she doing that another criminal comes from behind and grabs her neck, she back kicks him in the balls, and he is thrown at the wall  by force of the kick, then put her foot at his groin and starts crushing his balls slowly, as she looking at him with her terminatrix vision, she snaps the other guy's neck, then crushs his balls must include "cracking sound".  

Scene 4:  In the final scene she locates the leader, he starts firing at she with his machine trunk ( with no effect)  as she slowly walks towards him, he keeps firing until he runs out of bullets, when she gets to him she put her hand on shoulder smile and start seducing him for a few seconds, then she stop smiling throws him at the ground and as she looking from her Terminatrix vision stomps his balls, also show this at multiple angles.

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Terminatrix Casey crushes the balls

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