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Lora is a beautiful secret agent and protects the security of the city. One day, she is relaxing at home, a guy with a knife break into her house. The guy wants to bring her to his boss. Of course Lora won’t let him do this, so they fight.

Lora dodges some knife attacks. Then she takes a chance to catch the guy’s wrist and snatches his knife. She is confident to beat him without weapon, so she throws the knife. She will be hit by several punches from the guy. But she quickly gains the upper hand in this fight. She gives the guy some punches; high kicks, round kicks, then she somersaults to rock his neck, and then mounts on him and punches his face. When the guy falls down, she keeps sitting astride his belly, with knees pressing his arms, and continues to punch him. Lora stops punching temporarily, and asks him some questions and gets all information she wants.

She stands up, orders the guy to turn over, all fours on the floor. Then Lora sits down on his back like riding a horse. Lora orders him to crawl. She soon finds a rope, order him to hold it in his mouth. She uses it as a rein. So she orderes him to crawl until he is too tired and falls down on the floor.

The other day, Lora rides her ponyboy on the beach, then she sees the boss and another two guys standing on somewhere waitting for her.

Seeing his guy is ridden by a girl like a horse, the boss is very angry. And the guy ridden by Lora is very tired. Lora gets off him, tell him to have a rest, then she grabs his hair and gives him a knee to the face, hi is out.

The boss is furious. He orders the other two guys to attack Lora. The fight begins. During the fight, there are various punches, kicks and knees. Lora will finish one guy by some wonderful kicks, she manages to mounts other guy and uses mounted punches to finish him. The boss attacks her from behind. After a while, Lora takes down the boss and mounts him. But the boss manages to get rid off her. He runs away. But Lora catches him up and beats him. She quickly sits astride on his back, with one hand pressing his neck; the other hand punches his head. After some dialogue, Lora stops punching him. She asks him if he give up. The boss says yes he yield. Then Lora orders him to get down with all fours. She sits down on his back again, and orders him to mouth the rein. Then she rides him like a horse. She tells him that she can give him a mercy, but he must be her horse as the punishment. She orders him to crawl towards the first guy. Lora wakes him up the first guy with the whip. The guy raises his face and sees Lora riding his boss. Then she orders him to down on all fours, and follow her behind. She ride the boss along the beach… 

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My pony is tired, I need a new one

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