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The story: 

Four guys are on the 100m track in the starting blocks, the coach yells 

"ready, steady, go", and they run 100 m.  While running, the girl 

appears and approaches the coach.

Girl: "what are you doing here?"

Coach: "These are my men, training for the regional championship. You 

can sit there and watch.  The women train tomorrow."

Girl: "Oh yeah?  Why don't you let me race your guys, instead?"

The men are coming back now.

Coach: "Race my guys?  My guys are fast, and girls are slow.  What would 

be the point?"

Girl: "You think so?"  She fishes some money out of her pocket. "Here, 

1000 rubles against your 1000 rubles says that I am faster than any of 

these four."

Coach, grins, "Alright then".  Fishes 1000 rubles out of his pocket 

too.  To the guys:  "Easy money from this crazy girl!  Let's have some 

beers with that afterwards."

Girl and four guys are in the starting block for a 100m race.  The coach 

starts the race.  She beats them, with a lead of a few meters.

Coach is upset.  One of the guys: "Coach, listen, we have been doing a 

few races already, and it was her first!  She didn't have to run for 

long.  That's why we lost!"

Coach: "I can't believe it.  You just lost to a girl, and you lost me a 

fine 1000 rubles."

Girl: "Well, do you want to earn it back?  I take these 2000 rubles and 

bet them against your 2000 rubles, that I can beat your guys in a 200 m 


Coach and guys look at each other, a bit unsure.

Girl: "Hey, I will even give them a head start of 10m!"

Coach finds another 2000 rubles.  They set up the race, the coach starts 

it.  The coach shouts at the guys to run faster.  The girl wins, perhaps 

not by much.  The guys looks exhausted, the girl celebrates.

Coach: "What is this?  You lost again?  You had a head start!"

One of the guys: "We have been training for an hour already, before she 

came, that's why!"

Another of the guys: "Anyways, coach, you promised that we would 

practice relay racing, 4 x 100 m !"

Girl: "Hey coach, you want to get your money back?  Let me set my 4000 

rubles against your 4000 rubles, that I can beat your 4 x 100 m relay 

team.  I will run the entire 400 m all by myself against your relay 

team!  How about it!?"

Coach: "That's impossible, you cannot possibly beat them!  But I don't 

have any money any more!"

One of the guys, grinning and confident: "Let me help you out, coach".  

Puts 4000 rubles on the table, the race is on.

The coach starts the race and keeps shouting at his team.  Each time, 

she is ahead of the guy, when they come close to the point of handing 

over the baton to the next guy.  The next guy then initially manages to 

edge ahead of her, but she catches him again.  With the final guy, she 

finally beats him by a few meters.

Now, she looks a bit exhausted too, but the guys look even more exhausted.

While that race is happening, another four guys show up.

After that race, one of the guys from the second group: "That was 

funny!  You just got beaten by a girl!  How could that have happened!".

One of the guys from the first team: "It's just ... we have been 

training for a while already, we are tired!  She is fast.  You try to 

beat her!!"

Girl: "Oh yeah, totally, let's do that!  My 8000 against your 8000, that 

I can beat you too!"

The four new guys laugh at that, produce the money for the bet, and the 

race is on.  Pretty similar to the previous one.  The first four guys 

now loudly cheer for their new team, edging them on and urging them to 

run faster, but when they lose at the end, they make fun of them, for 

losing to the girl, despite being fresh.

Guy from the second team: "That's crazy, how is that possible!  And she 

took 8000 rubles from us!  I want them back!"

Girl: "So, you guys want your money back?"

They all nod.

Girl: "Ok, one final race then, all or nothing.  I will race you all by 

myself, running 800 m against all eight of you.  You will team up as a 8 

x 100 m relay team, so each of you just has to run 100 m.  My 16000 

rubles against your 16000 rubles.  How about it?"

The guys laugh at that. "That's really impossible."  " She cannot 

possibly beat us, she would have to run a world record to do that!".  

They fish their pockets, finding the money for the final bet.

The coach starts the race.  The first 400 m are similar to what happened 

before.  But she seems to slow down a bit.  Things are even, when the 

fifth runner hands his baton to the sixth runner. When the sixth runner, 

hands his baton to the seventh runner, she is about 3 m behind, and 

about 5 m behind, when that runner hands the baton to the final runner.  

During this second part of the race, the cheering of the others get 

louder and louder, "look, she cannot keep up!" "We are winning"  "Run, 

run.  "Beat her, she is just a girl!".

But on that last stretch, she picks up the pace, passes the last runner 

despite him trying to run as fast as he can, and she beats him by a 

meter or two.

The guys are shocked, she looks a bit exhausted, but happy.

Girl: "You thought, I was losing the race?  Nah.  I just had to keep the 

suspense a bit more!"

Girl grabs the money.  "What a fine pay day, thanks guys!  Can we do it 

again, sometimes?"

With that, she walks off, leaving the baffled and beaten guys behind.

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