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  • Dealing with the bad guys in playfully dominant way. Part II

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The basic story of this clip is that a gang have each got an app on their mobile phones that can blow up a bomb somewhere. Casey goes to their base to delete the apps from their phones and leave them humiliated in a playfully dominant way. (The gang can all be played by the same masked actor)

Scene 1: The first guard is wearing sweatpants which can be pulled down easily (and large shorts underneath). Casey, dressed in bikini with bare feet, approaches the guard silently who is armed with a rifle and is looking the other way. She smiles at his foolishness and quickly pulls his trousers down then jumps away. The guard turns and points his rifle at her, saying "hands up." Casey puts her hands up but then laughs at the guard for having his trousers round his ankles. The guard is embarrassed and tries to pull his trousers up but struggles to do this with the rifle in his hands. So he has put the rifle down to do it. While he is doing this Casey steps forward and stands on his rifle. The guard struggles to get the rifle back from under her feet while Casey mocks him.

While the guard struggles with the rifle, Casey again manages to pull his sweatpants down and bundles him over. He is still trying to get his trousers back on. Casey says "Let me help you." Casey helps to pull his trousers up but also traps his hands inside them in process, so now he cannot move his arms. Casey sits on his chest and finds his phone in one of his pockets. She deletes his bomb app while laughing at him and the guard struggles helplessly. Then she gently places her feet over his face smiling at him as she does so, before a quick pose over him.

Scene 2. In the next room Casey finds another guard armed with a large sword or some other sort of large combat weapon. He swings at Casey, but she is much too quick, ducking and dodging, taunting him "Come and get me!" etc. The guard soon pauses for breath. Casey notices a feather duster in the room. She giggles and picks it up, facing him like a fencer and says playfully "On guard!"

The guard is infuriated and comes at Casey, raising his weapon high. Casey tickles him with the duster ruining his attack as he giggles. He retreats, composing himself, while Casey laughs at him. He attacks again 3 more times, but each time Casey tickles him and drives him back.

Now Casey comes on the attack, tickling him with the duster. The guard tries to block her, but Casey is too quick and he is too clumsy to stop her. After some more tickling, he falls to the floor. Casey says "Give up? Then give me your phone!" He initially refuses, but after a little more tickling, he complies.

Casey takes his phone and sits down on a near by chair to delete the bomb app. While she is doing this the guard attacks her again. Coming up to her and raising his weapon. Hardly even looking up from the phone, Casey lifts up her feet and tickles him under his arms with her toes. The guard soon collapses again and Casey puts her feet on him to hold him still until she finishes with his phone.(Please film this section from behind the guard so Casey's face is the focus of the shot, and we can see the soles of her feet a little)

Then she gives his phone back to him and tells him to run away or she will tickle him again. He runs out of the door and Casey waves goodbye to him.

Scene 3. The boss is sitting working at his computer on a swivel chair with a long barreled trunk on his knee. Casey comes in quietly and sees a pot of glue on a nearby table with a brush nearby. She throws something to distract him and he gets out of his chair to investigate. While he is away she quietly paints glue onto the seat of his chair and then hides. The boss comes back and sits down. Then Casey jumps out and he points his rifle at her saying "hands up!" Casey puts her hands up.

The boss tries to get up out of the chair however he cannot because of the glue. While he struggles he stops pointing the rifle at her and concentrates on trying to get free. Casey says "You seem to be stuck. Let me help you." She pretends to help but instead pushes him down to make sure he stuck more firmly. She moves behind him, holding onto the back of his chair and giggling quietly.

Suddenly the boss remembers he needs to keep Casey covered, and tries to point his rifle at her again. However, this is difficult when she is behind him and he is stuck to the chair. Casey makes it harder for him by moving the chair around, and taunting him.

Next she spins him round in the chair many times until the boss is very dizzy. The she steps in front of him and says "Come on then - shoot me!" The boss tries to but he cannot point the rifle straight because he is too dizzy. Casey laughs at him and then spins the chair some more, before teasing him to point the trunk at her again. Finally, she goes over to him, takes his trunk away and sits on his lap. She takes his phone from his pocket and deletes the app. Then she gets up to leave saying "I have to go now, but I guess you are going to stick around."    

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Dealing with the bad guys in playfully dominant way. Part II

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