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Casey is a hitwoman hired to take out a mob boss. She finds her opening when her contacts let her know that he's asking around for a high class "escort" for an event. She answers and is told that she must be up for anything, and she agrees. She shows up at the mob boss's house dressed as requested (see details). The mob boss meets her at the door and takes her out to the garden. She tries to seduce him, hoping to disarm him to destroy. Before long, one or more bodyguards appear out of nowhere. The mob boss tells Casey he knows what she is up to and that she better tell him who hired her. This is where the fight scene starts, Casey against the mob boss and one or more bodyguards. They are evenly matched and there is some back and forth. However, Casey is eventually overpowered,  and the scene ends with her being dragged away for "interrogation" (... to be continued).


This is probably the most important part of the shoot for me. I'd like to see Casey dressed like a schoolgirl. Choice of top is up to you, so long as midriff is bare and its sexy. Bottom must be silk skirt, I will send it to you. The skirt must be ironed/pressed prior to the shoot. High heels preferred but I don't care if they stay on or not during the fight.

Fight scene:

Emphasis on kicks, lots of movement and action, but details here I leave up to you.


Scene should be shot outdoors in full sunlight, this is to bring out the shimmer of the skirt.

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Undercover agent in trouble

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