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  • Secret Agent Lesley Fox crushes the balls

Custom clip request 

Hey! I'm enjoying the site and have a custom clip request. I was wondering how much you would charge for something like what I have come up with below. It doesn't have to be a long clip, maybe ten or fifteen minutes.

The story is simple: Leslie was spying and got captured by bad guys. Now she has to escape. She should defeat them all by using groin strikes. 

Leslie should wear a short black dress like she did in the secret agent videos. The guards are wearing all black with balaclavas or ski masks.

I have two scenes I'd like to see. The rest is up to you as long as it has a lot of ballbusting.

Scene 1: Leslie is in a room sitting in a chair with her hands tied behind her back. There is a guard by the door. Leslie flirts with him to get him to come closer to her. She bends slightly to show her cleavage, winks, licks her lips, generally acting sexy to lure him in. The guard falls for it, and walks closer to her. When he is close enough, Leslie kicks him in the balls very hard, while still sitting in the chair. The guard, stunned, stands there while Leslie kicks him over and over again in the balls. She kicks him in the balls at least 20 times. She holds her foot in his groin after the final kick and blows him a kiss. The guard then collapses. Leslie then unties herself from the chair, walks past the guard and leaves the room. 

Scene 2: The next room Leslie enters has two guards in it. They both try to attack her one at a time. She kicks the first guard in the balls a few times and he drops to his knees. She turns to the second guard and snap kicks him in the balls rapidly, at least five times. She then drops to her knees and begins punching him in the groin, working his balls like a speedbag. She punches him over and over again  and then lays back on her elbows and begins rapidly kicking up into his balls. She finishes him off with some extra hard kicks to his balls. The first guard starts to get back up and she hits him in the balls repeatedly too, using a combination of kicks, chops and punches. After a bunch of hits in the balls, the guard also is out.

She should be very flirtatious with the guards as she is hitting them in the balls. Maybe a scene where she's fighting off guards, and one keeps getting back up and she puts him down again with more groin strikes. One guard could be finished after she squeezes his balls for a couple of seconds. 

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Secret Agent Lesley Fox crushes the balls

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