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  • Be careful with the girl next door

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Clothing: short skirt/dress, sheer tights, high-heeled boots.

The plot:

Boss with 3 bodyguards see a lonely beautiful girl (it could be in a secluded spot on the street, in an empty bar, etc – all the same) and decided to stick to her – something like, “Hey, babe, come here, take a rest” well, something like that. His behavior boorish and arrogant – classical master of life. Respectively, but received a response – I don't meet with assholes, or something like that.

The boss gives the command to his guards, “take her.” You smile, stand in a very sexy candid pose, maybe a little lifting skirt teasing them. (it would be nice something like in the attached clip)

Actually I wanted the maximum in the course of the movie, to heroine teased opponents, won not only by her skills, but also through women's tricks and sleight i.e. constantly teasing enemies by her look and different phrases.

“well, hero, who's the first?” It is evident that all men already much excited and distracted looking at your legs, thighs... The first fighter comes closer grinning, anticipating a quick victory over a fragile girl and entertainment. He says something like – “Ha, I'm gonna have fun, baby”, again distracted by the legs. You're still a little bit of lifting the skirt (noticing his attention) kick him to the head. He falls down. You approach and put a foot on his chest – “well, did you play?” you say. I would like a view from below, as if from the point of view of the defeated fighter. He grunts absolutely powerless already. 

Seeing this the other two soldiers run up to you. First, one of the bandits immediately grabs you from behind, the second comes closer in the front grinning. “Well you're lucky, babe” he says. We have to punish you. "I'm so excited" you answer with a smile. At this time, you use the hands firmly holding you from the back as a prop to rise into the air and and kick the head of the front attacker. The first attacker stands up from the ground and also comes to you. You jump using holding you hands, grab with your legs his neck and threw him to the ground. 

Then you bent over and throw the guy holding you through your shoulder. He sprawls on the ground. You stand over him with a smile, a little POV here if possible.

Then two bodyguards stand up run to you and grab you from two sides under the arms. The third rises from the ground and comes to you staggering. He pulls out a weapon (brass knuckles, batons, etc.). He trys to beat you to the face, but you dodge and he beat the one of holding you guys. Of course, he releases you. The front attaker gets the kick to the groin, the other who holds you fron behind (it so happened that he holds you from behind already) gets the strike to the groin with your butts and after you beat him to the face with the back of your head. In the end, all of them on the ground squirming. Suddenly, the boss who is forgotten by everybody comes to you from behind and grabs you with his hands trying to deny you the freedom of movement squeezing you in his arms... You smile slyly and begin to RUB your buttocks on his groin... the skirt lifts up during your rubbing. The boss begins to turn on, it is harder to cope with you, with himself. He grunts - “hurry, hurry, I can't hold her”... All the guards stand up slowly, wobbly standing on their feet. However they don't have time for "saving" their boss. He rolls his eyes wheezing and slides to the ground (well, something like.. you know?)

In the end it turns like all of three guards come to you from three sides. The guards who is coming from right and left hold bats or sticks. You just dodge back from the blow, the two attakers beat each other and the front one gets kicked in the head. First and second guards fall on each other and you come to remain one very close, he tries to grab you by the throat but his strength is running out. You knee him to the groin, he falls to his knees nuzzling to your thighs. You walk around him in sexy manner, stand behind him and snap his neck. It would be good if he could fell on other two guards to create a pile. You triumphantly put the leg on this pile and look at the boss smiling.

He gets up completely confused looking at you warily. You come closer to him smiling, push him with your legs and he falls to his back. Then you sit right on the face, he tries to resist frantically, grabbing your legs, but eventually calms down strangled. You get up like nothing had happened recovering your clothes and go away.

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Be careful with the girl next door

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