female fighting stories

  • One pretty girl against thousands of big tough men

Custom clip request 


One girl single handedly takes on an entire enemy base. 

My interest is in a video where one cute girl casually takes out a bunch of guys, really rubbing in that they are being taken out by a girl.  The idea is detailed below, but once you get the theme you could improvise all you want.

Some scenes would be you taking out masked guy and some would be you eliminating the viewer POV.  Lots of short scenes.

You will need a realistic looking prop pistol (no orange tip).

Outfit:  Satin jacket, zipped 1/2 way with bra or sports bra underneath. Black tights and tennies.  Leave outfit on for entire custom.

Hair: Down 

Attitude:  Innocent, very flirty and playful.  Lots of smiling. This is a campy, silly custom and not serious.

Please practice on jerking prop gun up a little to simulate recoil. I would like for it to look as realistic as possible. You can add sounds and gun effects.

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One pretty girl against thousands of big tough men

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  • Product Length: 16 minutes
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