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Custom clip request 

Hi Goddess Lesley! 

I loved your executrix clips, and was wondering if I could commission a custom PoV Supervillain-esque video? It\'d be a transformation fantasy, from nerdy ex-girlfriend to Super powered Goddess, shot in the same manner as the incredible The queen of the amazons video (so it's shown entirely from "my" Point of View).

The basic premise is you'd be my nerdy ex girlfriend who drinks a superformula that you just made, and stole, from work. You\'d initially appear conservatively dressed, with glasses and your hair tied back. I would "wake up" handcuffed to a chair, with you sat in front of me. You'd initially tease about wanting to get back together with me, before laughing and verbally humiliating me about that never happening.You'd then demand I arm wrestle you, threatening to eliminate me if I don't obey. The arm wrestle is close, with both of us almost winning, but after a minute or two I manage to just beat you. Despite that, you laugh at how weak I am, drink the super formula and immediately begin to transform (moaning at the power beginning to flow through your body, removing your glasses, letting your hair down, perhaps some form of breast expansion or any other change you can think of).

Upon becoming super you'd change into either a catsuit or similar dark shiny costume (possibly creating the impression of this being done superfast by editing you disappearing, and then reappearing after a few seconds?), begin to tease me and discuss your new empowered body, and the future of the world under your immortal rule. The key thing to get across is that you wouldn\'t be a hero, that this world (the real world, so no heroes or other people with superpowers) and everyone in it are now your playthings to use and dispose of as you please.

You'd have us do another arm wrestle, easily toying with me and winning. You'd then release me from the hand cuff and begin to one sidedly kick my arse, cockily letting me shoot you with the pistol to no effect, and letting me try punching/kicking you (and laughing as I cry out in pain each time I hit your invulnerable body).

Once you bore of demonstrating your superiority you decide to slowly finish me, initially holding me with one hand before switching to slowly crushing me between your invulnerable body and a wall (in a similar manner to your awesome Amazon queen video, perhaps "breaking" a few bones beforehand too, and if its possible to have your eyes glow red for "heat vision" then that'd be amazing too).

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Obey your super powerful Goddess

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