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  • The birth of a super villain

Custom clip request 

Hi Lesley, 

I was thinking of another custom video. Of course I would have you wearing some heels, pantyhose and sexy shorts or jean shorts. Or anything you wish...

I was thinking you could be held by a group of bad guys who are experimenting on you to create a weapon. They inject you which they think destroys you. It doesn't ... You open your eyes and the guys in the room. You make your way through the hideout destroying everyone. (Again they could wear mask ) You will be unstoppable kind of like the Terminatrix. You can mix up the destroys again although I like you to be overpowering. maybe they way you destroyed the guard with the knife and g.. to his own head again. Is it possible to have him in a one handed hold as he begs. The doctor who is experimenting on you... I was hoping you could be very rude with him and make him suffer.

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The birth of a super villain

  • Brand: LESLEY FOX
  • Product Length: 20 minutes
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