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  • Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part III

Custom clip request 

Hi Lesley, 

This custom is for you, please have hair hanging, lipstick and big reinforce toes. Leotard sleeves come all the way down to the hands. Also very mean look during the whole custom. Man in judo uniform entire custom.

Scene.1 She walks in, karate man sitting watching and guarding the room and not seeing her coming, she comes in front just like pic.1 hands over waist (and he is not yet in the pic). He looks her from toes up , she raise her hand way up says haaa and slaps him two times with back of her hand makes him dizzy and one more time says haaa and another super hard slap with back of her hand. He freezes and gets paralyzed just like pic.1 looking at her (camera behind him) she has hands over waist says first karate out. He keeps looking at her like pic and cant move and is completely out, staring at her. She turns around and do pic.2 pose on him (him in the scene looking at it too just like pic.2).while she is in that pose says karate ballet.

Scene.2 This scene will be just like the last custom Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part II. Full HD scene.3, I copied it below, I love those karate bow pic.17. Also when she raise her hands up in pic3,4 please bend both her knees side way (when she describes to him how she throw his friend out of the hi rise) Copied from last custom: Karate man looking on the floor for secret document and now sees her pantyhose toes, please have the legs spread apart not together. He then turns around and looks at the other toes. She says I just threw your friend out of hi rise building with ballet move. She now does the end scene pose in above scene (spread legs and puts her hands spread apart way up towards ceiling, knees bent a little and tells him this was the move I used on him. He gets very angry gets up and says Ill take his revenge from you. They now bend way down bow to her toes few times please this time show the bow slow and freeze it when they both bend way down looking at her toes for few seconds, she wants to make sure he is looking a good look at her toes. They now exchange many hi kicks, she now kicks him repeatedly under his chin or toes front of his face then hits his ankle makes his ankle weak.she continues hi kicks to front of his face then hits his ankle. Finally she they both goes to karate pose again , he is very hurt in the ankle looking her toes, she now goes one more hi kicks front of his face, he guards his face but she change and instead hits his ankle very hard with back of her foot pic.6 and breaks it. He screamsloud and she knows his ankle is broken. He pretends nothing has happened but she knows he is finished. She now bends way down and bows him and freeze like that, he waits for few seconds but cant pretends anymore grabs his ankle and falls right in front of her toes lookin at it. She now goes to secne.2 end pose (hi rise end pose hands up, knees bent) he is looking at her from toes up..she now says one fallen from hi rise and the other one broken ankle. He screams loud holds his ankle, eyeswide open looking at her toes goes .

Scene.3 She walks in and he is sitting with the guarding the area. She pose in front of him like pic.5 (but full size) herback to camera, he can be seen with the g*n. They freeze like that, she has hands over waist, waits for his move they focus hard. He says I got you points the and start shooting like crazy but no bullets left, she is silent doesnt say anything. She now keeps walking towards him very slowly with hands over waist pics 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 (heavy karate chop to his neck, then slow ballet pose invites him to the floor). After he falls in front of her toes, she says another ballet invitation.

Scene.4 She is sitting on the chair, he walks in with a knife looking for her but cant see her, she has a very mean, angry face (no laughing). She now says haaaa., he now sees her get ready with the knife. She says you got two options put the knife down and surrender or face karate.you will be broken bones like your other karate gang friendsshe moves her reinforce toes up and down pic.18.he thinks hard and focus on her. As shes sitting she raise her right hand way up chopped like a knife says karate, more broken bones.He gets afraid puts the knife down on the floor and his hands up and surrender. She now slowly get up from the chair comes in front and they bow each other left and right with knife on the floor between her two toes like pic.15,16. After the bows she grabs him by his uniform on the neck and escorts him out of the room, please show the escort as she goes around the room and not out right away so they can both be seen in the camera with him looking at her toes during the whole escort with her front to camera then on the second circle around the roomwith her back to camera until they finally leave the room. Right before they leave the room she says pantyhose.

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Karate in pantyhose with reinforced toe. Part III

  • Brand: LESLEY FOX
  • Product Length: 13 minutes
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