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  • The sensual wrestling

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Hello Lesley! I cannot believe that I am just now discovering your wonderful site. I love your basic theme, where you combine both kick-ass and hotness.

I was wondering if you would consider an outdoor mixed wrestling scenario with a sensual twist (whether it is you or Lora is perfectly fine), wearing the same or similar jeans and boots outfit Lora wore in the Street Fighter 3. Street fighter Lora. Part 3. Find and destroy. Full HD In the scenario, our heroine is walking along a path. A male attacker (wearing something fairly tight, if possible), jumps our heroine from behind, and the fight ensues. At some point she falls him to the ground and straddles him for the final defeat, but he then pulls her down on top of him in a bearhug and rolls on top of her, but she turns the tables and bearhugs him back, and they start rolling over each other continuously with their bodies tightly together. As the action ensues, the tightness turns them both on and the rolling becomes more sensual. It ends with a long sensual rolling sequence (perhaps down a hill?) that goes out of camera shot when it looks like the rolling will lead to something else...

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The sensual wrestling

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