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Custom clip request. 

I really like your outfit in the clip Youre silly boy if you think I came to entertain you, so if you can wear something similar, and again use wither nude or sheer black pantyhose with the same nice heels it would be great.

Heres the scenario:You and your ex-husband is getting a divorce. Youre in a feud on how to split everything up. You have come over to convince him to agree to your terms by any means, and sign all documents you have prepared. Since you know he still attracted to you, and especially your pantyhosed legs, youll use that against him.

At the start your ex-husband a bit oppose to sign anything. But the you sit up at the table in front of him, so your long crossed legs a right in his sight. As you start being flirty and caressing your legs in front of him, he starts agreeing to more and more of your terms. He signs papers giving you all your mutual furniture, appliances, and other stuff.

When you want him to sign over the cars to you he starts to resist again. Then you start caressing his groin with your shoe, and tell him how much youd appreciate him giving you the cars. This is too much for him after a while, and he signs the papers giving you.

Then you tell him you want the house as well. Despite you being seductive and teasing he still resists. Then switch method and you stomp you heel hard into his groin instead. You keep it there grinding. He tries to squirm out of the chair, but your leg is too strong for him to get up. After a while the pain is too much for him, and he signs over the house to you as well.

After he signs you drag him out of the chair and start beating him up, with focus on ballbusting him in all kinds of ways. Every now and then you take him back to the table to sign a one of your papers, then you go back beating him up again. He signs over all the money and all your mutual stocks and bonds. The last paper he signs gives you 80% of his income to you for the rest of his life. You explain that hell be living in poverty and youll be living in luxury.

After all the papers are signed you also tell him that you will come over once a week for a ballbust him for your amusement. Hes will just have to take it. At the end of the clip he is lying on the floor while you read thorough the papers while your shoe planted on his groin.

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Everything you have is mine

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