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Custom clip request. 

I would be interested in a custom clip where Lesley is a Hitwoman whowas hired to take out a high profile target. Lesley would be wearinga short black dress, tan pantyhose and black heels.

In the first scene, Lesley walks up to bodyguards at the entrance.She can see they are distracted by her legs and she begins to flirtwith them. She tells them she suppose to be entertainment for theBoss. One of the guard starts to pat her down from behind, more tofeel her legs than anything, while the other stands in front of herstaring at her cleavage. Lesley punches the guard (standing in frontof her) in the in the throat which cause him to fall to his kneesgasping for air. Lesley turns toward the guard patting her down whois surprised at what happened had grabs him by the throat pinning him again the wall). As he is out, she smiles as the life fades from him and he slides down thewall (maybe a view where he slides between her legs) and she standingin a sexy pose. The she turns to the guard who she punched in the thethroat, who is on his knees still trying to get his breath. She walksup to him (in a sexy way) and front kicks him causing him to land onhis back. She places her heel on his throat and smiles pressing the hill to his throat. The whole time, you can see on Lesley face it isturning her on when she is k*lling people.

Shen enters the hideout. When she walks into the next room, there isanother guard standing there. She winks at him and flirts with him,possibly licking her lips. She struts towards him and grabs his ballsand pins him to the wall. As she is doing this she puts her finger toher mouth and say "SHHH". The guard is confused and turned on, whenshe say just relax, when he does, she snaps his neck. She giggles assex walks away (sexy of course).

As she enters the main room, the boss is there with his personalbodyguard. The Bodyguard approaches her, when Lesley smiles andwinks at hime, before she kicks him in the balls, causing him to fallto the floor. The Boss tries to run out, when she give him apunch to his throat, which send him falling back onto a couch orchair. She then returns to the guard and sits down on top of him(pinning his arms at his side between with her legs). Lesley starts to push him with her hands as he squirms until he dies. Lesley walksover to the Boss who is sitting still. She sits on his lap, like shewas giving him a lap dance, She tells him it is not personal and begins toto compress the neck with one hand as she starts to dance on his lap.He squirms, but it only turns Lesley on more and she just keeps giving him a dance and squeezing his throat. She can see he is fading out and shekiss him on the forehead before he dies.

If possible, can Lesley walk out stepping over the bodies as sheexits the hideout.Lesley can be as sexy as you want her to be and she can toy with thebodyguards as much as she wants.

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You're silly boy if you think I came to entertain you

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