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  • Dealing with the bad guys in playfully dominant way

Custom clip request. 

I've written the next script already, as I think your work is so great! The new script, below, has 3 scenes for a 15 min clip. However, I was wondering if you would like to make it into a 20 minute clip and make up a couple of scenes yourself? If so, please add those scripts in between scene 2 and 3. I think you know the sort of thing I like now; Lesley outwitting stupid bad guys and finishing them in a playfully dominant way, preferably using her sexyness and bare feet to defeat them but not being very violent. How does this sound? If you prefer not to make up any scenes then this can just be a 15 min clip.

The basic story of this clip is that a gang are planning a bank robbery and have each got passes to get through security. Lesley goes to their base to steal their passes and leave them humiliated in a playfully dominant way. (The gang can all be played by the same masked actor)

Scene 1: Lesley, dressed in bikini with bare feet, approaches the first guard who is armed with a rifle with removable clip. She say "Happy birthday from the guys" and starts to dance sexily for him. The guard is surprised and starts to say "but it's not my birthday.." Then he changes his mind as the dance is so sexy and says "...nothing; carry on."Lesley dances for him and caresses him during the dance. She playfully takes the clip out of his rifle and dances with it in her hand. The guard tries to get it back, but she keeps it out of his reach while still dancing. After a couple of minutes of teasing she drops the clip and stands on it, still dancing while he tries to get it back. While he is struggling she traps his head in a standing head scissor. Then she searches his body and find his security pass, tearing it up and dropping the pieces onto the bad guy.

Scene 2: Lesley finds the next bad guy practicing boxing, ideally with boxing gloves on. She walks in confidently and takes up a boxing stance facing him. She says cheerfully "Give me your pass or I will kick your ass." The guard is enraged and starts swinging at her. Lesley ducks five or six punches, laughing and taunting him. Then she dodges behind him and jumps on his back. He tries to shake her off, but can't. While she is on his back, Lesley blindfolds him (not sure what with, perhaps you can think of something). Lesley jumps off.

The bad guy tries to get the blindfold off, but can't because of his boxing gloves. So he tries to hit Lesley even though he can't see. Lesley teases him, standing next to a wall, calling "hey, over here", and then creeping away on her bare feet. The bad guy punches thin air or hits the wall, while Lesley laughs at him. She repeats this trick a few times and kicks his ass gently on a few occasions, laughing that she "said she was going to kick his ass". Then she creeps up on the bad guy and steals the security pass from his back pocket. She says "Listen to your pass being torn to pieces" as she starts to tear it. The bad guy rushes over but Lesley gives him one effortless punch to the chin. The she tears the pass up and drops the pieces on him.

Scene 3: The bad guy boss is working on his computer. He has a p..... on his desk next to the computer. Lesley creeps in unseen (pov shot of Lesley's feet if possible, please), picking up a banana as she crosses the room. She quietly replaces the pistol with the banana, unnoticed. Then she steps back and says "Excuse me!" The boss whirls round, grabbing the banana, thinking it is the g.. and points it at her. Lesley mockingly puts her hands up, saying "Please don't shoot!" Then she laughs at him as the boss realizes his mistake.Lesley says "You want your pistol back? Come and get it!" He gets up and chases her round the room, but she is too quick and keeps dodging him, laughing each time he can't get it. After a little while Lesley sits down in his chair and puts her feet up, taunting him to come to get the pistol. He attacks, trying to punch Leslie's feet but she dodges. It would be great if Lesley could point her toes/wiggle them a bit here, while teasing him. At one point she catches his hand between her feet and he has to struggle to get free again.Next Lesley starts to go on the attack, gently poking his chest with her feet and touching his face. He tries to defend but she is too quick. Some POV filming, looking at Lesley would be great here. After a little while she smothers him with her feet and takes the security pass out of his pocket, tearing it over him in victory.

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Dealing with the bad guys in playfully dominant way

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