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  • The defeated by my feet

Custom clip request. 

Here is my next script. Quite long, again. I hope that is ok! As I said before I really loved the last one. I'd like you to wear a bikini and play the same playfully dominant character again, easily defeating a bad guy and having fun while you are doing it.The story of this script is that a bad guy has taken control of 2 missiles from his computer and is going to use them to destroy Lesley's home city. Lesley tricks him into letting her into his lair when he is launching the missiles and makes him fly them harmlessly off target.Lesley arrives at the bad guy's lair, with a note on her that says "A present for you: - an audience for the show" stuck to her chest. She is happy and smiling, looking forward to defeating the bad guy. She knocks on the door and then pretends her hands are tied.As soon as the bad guy *(masked is fine) opens the door Lesley acts scared. He says "Ah, I've been expecting you. Time to to watch your city burn. I have saved you the best seat. Then I will crush you too." (Can be in Russian if you don't have an English speaking bad guy). He leads her in.

In the room there is a desk and chair with a computer on it which is where the missiles will be controlled from. Another chair/bed or something is set close behind for Lesley to sit on. This needs to be close to the computer chair so that Lesley can easily reach the bad guy with her feet when he is using the computer.The bad guy sits Lesley in her chair and explains that there are 2 missiles that will be fired at 2 minute intervals. He will take control after take off and fly them into Lesley's home town to punish her for all she has done to his organisation. He explains that the flight paths are pre-programmed into his phone and all he has to do is dial the number to make it happen. He puts his phone on the desk.When he turns away lesley throws something across the room to make a noise. He goes to investigate and she creeps to the desk, takes his phone and returns to her seat, sitting on it, giggling at how stupid this guy is. He comes back and starts looking for his phone on the desk and asks Lesley where it is. She teases him about losing it. He turns to hit her, but she points out that the first missile is about to launch. He returns to the desk and says he doesn't need the phone as he can guide the missile manually.

As soon as he starts flying the missile, lesley starts gently pushing him with her feet to distract him. He tries to push her off, but it is difficult to use the computer and and fight at the same time; whenever he turns round to push off one foot, the other one gently kicks him somewhere else. Lesley laughs at him. He gives up trying to fight and tries to concentrate on flying the missile. Lesley puts both her feet in his face, covering his eyes. He struggles to get them out while still trying to fly the missile, but he can't and after a little while Lesley cheers as the missile explodes harmlessly off target. It would be good to film this fight from a few different angles, with some shots from over the bad guy's shoulder so Lesley's face and feet can be seen clearly.the bad guy gets up to fight Lesley, but she lifts her legs up and playfully beats him in a boxing match with her bare feet, making him try to hit her feet (which she dodges) and sometimes gently pushes him in the face. Filming some of this fight from the point of view of the bad guy looking at Lesley would be great. After some fighting Lesley points out the next missile is launching so the bad guy stops fighting and sits at the computer again.

He tells her that this missile's course is already set and all he has to do is to hold the thrust keys steady so it doesn't matter if she covers his eyes again. He puts both hands on the keyboard. Lesley asks if he is ticklish. He looks surprised, but before he can respond, Lesley starts tickling him by wiggling her toes and prodding him with them over as much of his sides and back as she can reach. He dissolves into laughter and tries to fight her off, but is also struggling to keep his hands on the keyboard. Lesley laughs at him and taunts him by saying "tickle tickle." It would be good to film this part of the fight from several views too. Lesley tickles him until she says "Oh dear another missile crashed!"The bad guy is now very angry and he picks up a large object to hit Lesley with. This could be his chair for example. He stands over her with the object raised above his head, but again she puts her feet up, this time dancing them slowly in his face, wiggling her toes. He stares at her dancing soles while she smiles up at him (some film from his point of view, looking at Lesley would be great here). She gets closer and closer to his face and then grabs his nose between her toes and covers his mouth, smothering him. He drops the object from above his head and struggles with Lesley's feet but can't get them off so he is smothered . Lesley leaves victorious with a satisfied smile.

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The defeated by my feet

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