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  • Lesley vs 8 men

Custom clip request. 

One girl being attacked by 8 men (or more as many men as you could get) all at the same time in a totally one sided fight. All the men come at her at once and she beats them all up very easily. She is wearing faded blue jean cutoffs and a white bra that is easily seen through her shirt. She carries a big comb in her right back pocket and a big hair brush in her left back pocket (please have the camera on her butt at times). Since she is having such an easy time beating them all up she combs and brushes her hair during the fight. Alot of verbal abuse "You cant even beat up a little girl" "9 big men against 1 little girl" " How does it feel to get beat up by a little girl" Calling them wimps and constantly reminding them that there is 9 of them and that they are so much bigger than her. A victory pose with all the men piled up.

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Lesley vs 8 men

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