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  • Sasha slaps Konstantin's face for his bad behavior
Custom clip request 
I would like Sasha to play the role for a faceslapping video.
In this video a mother slaps very hard her son on his birthday because he was expelled from his school due to his bad behavior against a girl schoolmate (he touched her thighs and her ass). The son's name is Konstantin.
When his mother learnt it she was really mad at him waiting for him to return home. She is so angry with her son that she believes the only and right punishment for him is a really hard faceslapping. She feels so ashamed with her son Konstantin and his behavior against a girl who didn't respect that she can't control her anger.
When he is returning home, she is getting closer to him and slaps him twice (forehand and backhand)...Then she is toe tapping her boots really nervous with her hands on her waist waiting for explanations from her son...he is trying to remind her that it's his birthday but she doesn't care about this...she is still slapping him very hard forehand and backhand for his unacceptable behavior...then he is begging her on his knees to forgive him, touching her thighs and kissing them 
while she is toe tapping again...she is pushing his head away her thighs and she continues slapping him right and left with same hand as she gets more angry when he touches her...At some time she is sitting with crossed legs shaking very nervous her legs, she calls him in front of her and while he refuses to come she shouts at him toe tapping her boots. When he is in front of her she slaps him so hard 4 times (forehand and backhand).
I would like a plausible and really hard faceslapping and hard toe tapping (her thighs being pulsed while doing this). Mother shouts at Konstantin "shame on you" while slapping him and she is really scary making Konstantin be afraid of her that she will finish him with faceslaps. 
For the last scenes of clip I would like Konstantin to be lying down to the floor from mom's hard slaps and then she is sitting on his chest with a very angry face and starts faceslapping him right and left with the same hand very very hard. That's her birthday gift for her son. In the end Konstantin is on the floor in prone position and Sasha is sitting in a chair with crossed legs tapping slowly and hard her boots really nervous.  I would like the camera while she is tapping her boots to take views both at her tighs and the whole room so I can see Konstantin on the floor while she is tapping too.

Summarizing, Sasha wears the shortest mini skirt (micro mini) with a shirt and boots under the knee, she is really angry, she is slapping her son both sides (preferably with one hand very hard and resounding slaps right and left), boot tapping nevously in standing position and sitting with crossed legs, shaking legs nervously while sitting...she gets more angry when Konstantin touches her thighs,slapping Konstantin although he has his birthday. But she's so angry that doesn't care about her son's birthday...no kicking, only very hard faceslapping.
Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha slaps Konstantin's face for his bad behavior

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