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  • Executrix Valerie Plays With Her Victims

Characters:   Agent Valerie, 3 thugs

Valerie Clothes:  Black catsuit and boots

Three masked thugs are sitting on the floor, tied with rope.  Powerful Agent Valerie is standing next to them with a smile, watching them struggle – they are her captives.  She was assigned to execute them, but likes to capture and play with her victims first - like a cat with “her little mice.”  She is so confident in her skills that she unties them and lets them try to attack her. They don’t stand a chance and she knows it.

With high kicks, punches and knees she knocks them down many times, with a sexy “hai-ya” at every blow.  The thugs all get up and attack again. She enjoys it when they try to hit back.  Nothing can hurt her and if the thugs land a punch, they hurt their fists instead.  She is invulnerable and laughs in their faces.

In the next scene, the thugs are all flat on the floor, struggling to get up again.  She taunts them, “Why are you all giving up?”  That makes them mad and they get up and try to attack again.  More fun for Valerie!  She easily defeats them all and kicks them down to their knees.  They are now in a row facing her, too exhausted and in pain to do anything.   She decides to completely humiliate them all with a series of kicks and palm strikes to their faces until they fall flat on their backs.

Valerie waits for them to recover – she’s not finished playing yet.  They all struggle to get back on their feet and she easily fights them off.  She lets one thug grab her from behind and she easily escapes, just to add to the fun.  Her kicks get more elaborate including back kicks, leg locks, and a foot-pin to the wall before she breaks their necks, one at a time.

With the thugs on the flooor, Valerie does a cartwheel, pokes their heads with her boot to make sure they are finished and stands victorious.  She has had her fun… for now.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Executrix Valerie Plays With Her Victims

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