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  • The substitute judo teacher Gerda

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Two very strong men and judo experts frequent a gym of one of the more skill sensei of the state! In the gym they want reach a great specialization in judo and increase their strength. One of them is particularly skill in judo and the other is really strong but they train together and they are very good in both the categories. The video start when they are attending for a lesson.

The sensei has learnt to the men everything he knows and now he invites a new sensei for the lesson: Gerda.

Gerda has accepted with pleasure because there is mutual respect between the two, the sensei was her teacher until she has surpassed the master and began to follow his path of sensei. Actually, Gerda has a superior level respect to the first sensei and so she is perfect to continue the training of the two men.

Gerda arrives on time at the gym and she comes into the dojo wearing sexy (attire 1). She presents herself and she tells to the men about the new level of training.

The two men look at each other in disbelief and do not understand if it's a joke. They knew that today there was a new sensei but they didn't know she was a female.

Gerda confirms to be there to help them in their perfection skill.

The men don't know if it's time to laugh or cry, they look to Gerda. They are champions and the level of a woman can't add anything to their skill, so they go to explain Gerda they are two champions, two experts, two skilled men in judo and very strong men so for sure they can't learn anything by her. The only thing a woman could teach them could be to do laundry or iron or cooking which are the things for women. The gym is for men. The two men don't want start this lesson.

Gerda doesn't want to disappoint the sensei, so she remains calm and says to the two that the first lesson to be learned is that it needs to be humbler and that it's possible to learn by everyone.

The two men haven't the same opinion so they suggest it would be better if perhaps they teach some techniques to Gerda. They think she can't be enough skill or strong for them. Gerda is annoyed and a little angry by these phrases but she keeps herself calm because is not the first time she is in a similar situation. It is not the first time she meets men full of themselves and that they underestimate her. At this point, Gerda begins to think that the two deserve a lesson so she starts to challenge them saying that if they think to be so strong and so superior to a woman why they don’t do a challenge? The two men laugh then after a brief discussion they accept.

The first challenge is a mixed armwrestling challenge. They go to a table and the first match is Gerda against the smaller one. He thinks to easily win vs her but she easily wins with him. He says he was surprised and want a rematch but Gerda wins again. Come on guy, can’t you do more?? Aren’t you a man? She teases with him considering what they said before. Then the challenge is against the stronger one. Again, Gerda wins in total control against the man who use all his strength. The men can't believe and they think she has cheated in any way so Gerda wants to show her superiority. She challenges the bigger one in a match 1 hand against two. He thinks that there isn't a match in this way but Gerda dominates the challenge with the right hand and with the left one.

If you want, I could give you a last chance, both of you against me!! The men want destroy her so they accept, during the match they try also to cheat but everything is impossible to beat Gerda. She laughs at them and say, ok guys not it’s time to start the lesson.

But the men want a rematch in another way. They accept she could have really strong biceps but in a challenge of pushing (see the style in the annex pics) she can't have any chance. In their idea they are stronger and heavier.

Gerda leaves her shoes and she challenges the first man and she wins. Then the bigger man and she wins again. Incredibly she invites them to try both against her. They try in any way but she jokes with them and then she totally wins. The men are shocked they can't understand how a woman can be so strong.

Now they challenge her in a judo match.

Gerda now wears the second attire and the men wear the complete gi.

1 to 1. The fight begins and Gerda dominates the man in a one-sided match. At first, she only knocks down the man and then during the match she makes him in a pair of desperate taps out (at your choice)

When the first man begins to struggle to his feet and he is without breath, Gerda encourages him to have a rest and invite the second man to attack her.

When the first man isn’t able to get up, Gerda helps him to go out of the center of the tatami.

Also, the second match it's a one-sided fight.

During the fights Gerda stimulates and teases the men to increase the humiliation! Come on get up! Aren’t you a trained man? Show me you are a champion! OMG you fight like a little girl! One time she says to one of the two: I advise you to stay down or I’ll be made to hit you hardly!

When the second man is in trouble the two whispering to each other and decide they want to give a lesson to Gerda at all costs. They decide to attack her, two against one, Gerda tease them because two supermen have to fight together to defeat a weak woman. But the problem is they are not able to score even any knockdown. Gerda also dominates this part of the challenge and ends humiliating them in various ways also with a pair of simultaneous tape out (at your choice. I would like you use the ways you consider more humiliating for the male egos, but well done). She knocks out the two men and then she goes out.

After a while she comes back (after having a shower for example) with short black dress and beige (skin color) pantyhose and high heel (I don't like sandal or open toes). The men are lying on the floor but now they are regaining the strength. Gerda tells them something about the future lesson but they still don't accept female superiority and challenge her in any way, so she deserves them the last lesson wearing sexy.

At the end of the 2 vs 1, the two men must be exhausted and almost have to beg for mercy, so, at last, Gerda knocks down them in two different ways, the more humiliating she thinks.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The substitute judo teacher Gerda

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