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  • Wrestling match. Gerda vs Sven

Custom clip request 

It will be a male domination match between Gerda and the man

-  the man will come and say to Gerda « « Hi Gerda, I’m the wrestler champion. I will break you in half »

- Gerda will smile and say « you are not the first to say that » and the match begins

- the man will dominate all the 10 minutes match with the backbreaking as listed below (whatever the order) and destroy Gerda

- 1 Тorture rack 

- 2 camel clutch

- 2 over the knee backbreakers 

- 1 side bow arrow 

- 1 bow and arrow

- 1 Canadian backbreaker

-  when he does the wrestling holds, the man has to maintain the position during 15-20 seconds each time showing the impression he wants to fold Gerda at the maximum and break Gerda’s back

- sometimes, the man will say « how is your back ? » « is it broken? » , « I though you were stronger ». He will say that many times during the match

-  the match finish and the man stands up Gerda and choke her with a chain during 10-15 seconds and will be knocked out.

 The most important is really the backbreaking holds but also the fact that the man keep the pressure during 15-20 seconds for each hold and bend Gerda at the maximum in order to see how flexible she is.

For the camera during the wrestling moves, the camera has always to show Gerda face and her body bending in the same time (as the photo named Over the knee backbreaker) . The only exeption is for the 2 camel clutch in which the camera has to show Gerda in front while the man is bending her back.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Wrestling match. Gerda vs Sven

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