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Custom clip request 

Actress: Lillian 

3 male actors

Lillian's attire.

The red bikini and high heels as she wore in "Lillian's secret" with the bra straps running over her shoulders and the overcoat she wore in my first custom request.

I want Lillian's character to be gullible and naive....meaning she will believe whatever she's told. Also, she is a strong girl with superior wrestling and fighting skills. She is not a superheroine and she will gradually weaken throughout the video.

The men are fans and close friends of Lillian but they want more than her friendship. They devised a plan to have her come to their place so that they can tell her what she can expect for the competition she's about to enter. Throughout the video, everything they tell her is not true. Their goal is to weaken and wear her down until the time is right to take her down. 

The video will start with the 3 men waiting for Lillian to arrive as they talk about their plan. One man thinks she won't believe what they tell her. The other 2 will tell him to just stick with the plan because she trusts us.

Lillian will enter the room. She's happy to see them and she appreciates their help and advice as this is her first competition but she can't understand why she should be in high heels and a bikini. They lie to her saying that all female athletes have to be dressed like that. With her back turned to them, she removes her overcoat prompting them to quietly high 5 each each other while 1 of them whispers, "I told you she'd believe us." 

I want her to be uncomfortable wearing a skimpy outfit as she doesn't know what to do with her hands as she tries to hide her body.

The men assure her this is good for her preparation. She questions them if it's a good idea to wrestle in high heels. At first, they try to convince her to wear them until they realize she may accidentally hurt them. I would like a close up view of her stepping out of her heels.

The next sequence will be with Lillian practicing her wrestling skills. 1 man will approach her and apply a hold putting her at a disadvantage. Her task is to get out of his hold. Please feel free to improvise at least 5 different holds where she is standing and kneeling at the start of each hold. I want Lillian to be skittish when he places his hands on her. With each hold, Lillian is very agile and slippery as she easily escapes his hold.

Realizing her skills are more superior than they thought, they lie to her by saying that there is a 2 on 1 phase of the competition that she should prepare for. She frowns at that because she's never heard of such a thing. They eventually convince her.

The next sequence will be with 2 men both applying holds that she will escape from. Again, feel free to improvise at least 5 holds with Lillian standing and kneeling at the start of each hold. With their combined weight, Lillian will start to fatigue as it takes a little longer to escape their holds. At the start of this sequence, when she escapes their hold,, one man laying on the floor will try to grab her foot or ankle. She can easily evade him, but by the last hold, he's able to grab it making it more difficult for her to break free.

 After this sequence, they realize they have to wear her down some more. They tell her that the refs are biased towards women and that she should prepare for the ref helping her male opponent. She's more vocal in questioning this but they assure her that it's true by saying that the judges and the refs feel that women athletes shouldn't be allowed to compete.

This sequence will start with 2 men applying holds while the 3rd man will kneel and hug Lillian's leg to his chest so that she's immobile. The first few holds, she is successful in slipping our of their grips and freeing her leg by pushing the 3rd man away. When they reset for the fifth time, Lillian is clearly fatigued. After a long struggle, they finally drag her down and with their combined weight are able to wrestle her to the floor. While they struggle to hold her down, one man whispers to the other that they should start beating her up. The other man disagrees saying that she's still too strong. To prove his point, he says to Lillian, "if you can't escape in 10 seconds, then you're pinned".  She smiles at that as she easily breaks free. 

She's kneeling on one knee while the men are prone on the floor. Thinking that her training is done, she thanks them for their help. One man tells her that there is still more to prepare for. She's confused as she asks, "what else is there?"  He asked her to sit on the couch as they need time to rest as they are exhausted. (Please note: I'd like the couch to be pulled away from the wall so 1 man has enough room to stand behind the couch.)

She's curious as to what else there is to learn as she walks to the couch while one man whispers, "I told you she's still too strong to take down. Now, follow my lead." She sits on the edge of the couch as 2 men sit on either side of her. They recline on the back of the couch prompting them to say, "sit back and relax while we catch our breath". She wants to know what else she needs to learn about the tournament. They get her to recline as they move closer to her compelling her to press her knees together. The 3rd man sits by her feet, and hidden from her view, pulls out a small container of ointment. They tell her that there is an endurance segment that allows contestants to punch each other's stomach. She thinks they're joking, but they tell her it's true. She can choose not to partipate in this portion,  but she will lose the opportunity to score valuable points. They convince her by saying, "no champion has ever won the tournament without entering this segment." She braces herself as she tells them to proceed. Still sitting on either side of her they proceed to slowly punch her tummy. I want her to grimace as she absorbs their punches. She concentrates so hard that she is unaware that the 3rd man is using both hands to rub the ointment onto her ankle.

After punching her for a minute, the 3rd man gives a thumbs up to one man that he's applied the cream. They tell her that she's done well and that she's ready for the next phase. She's confused asking, "there's more?" They tell her she was prepared for those punches. Now she must accept punches without seeing them coming. She's getting more skeptical but asks anyway, "how do we do that?" They tell her its easy as the man kneeling down gets up and moves behind her in back of the couch.  He tugs her head back by gently tugging on her ponytail. They coax her to relax so that she's staring up at the ceiling. They get her to extend her arms  on either side of her on top of the couch and move  closer her to her as they punch her belly again. Even without seeing their punches coming, she's still able to tolerate their blows. One man nods to other man to pull harder on her ponytail. That works as it breaks her concentration. She gasps as she tries to pull her head forward and draws up her knees to shield her tummy. They tell her that won't do, as they coax her to put her feet back on the floor and part her legs. They tell she's doing great as they each drape a leg over her legs and pull them further apart. They punch her tummy again as the man  behind her pulls her ponytail harder causing her body to arch off the couch. When they realize they're not hurting her enough, one man drives his fist into her groin while the other man punches her side close to her breast. She gasps as she collapses on the couch. Before they can hit her again, she breaks free from them as she places one hand over her groin and the other hand at the side of her breast. She's furious demanding to know why they did that.

Still sitting, they tell her that the final phase of the tournament allows for low blows and cheap shots. She's distracted by the discomfort in her ankle causing her to look down.  One man whispers to the others, "we're almost there. If we can convince her about allowing her to take the low blows, then we'll take her down". They tell her if she doesn't want groin punches, the tournament rules calls for her to take a beating for 5 minutes from her opponent and the ref. The discomfort in her ankle distracts her as she allows them to stand her up against the wall. She says, "5 minutes?" They assure her. When she realizes that the 3 of them are standing in front of her, she says, "I thought just 2 men will punch me." They respond, "you're right. But if you can handle the 3 of us, then you should have no problem with 2 men tomorrow."  She finds that she can't argue with that logic and allows them to proceed.

I would like Lillian to have the same facial expression in the video "Lillian vs Kano". When she's on Kano's shoulders as he backs her against the wall.

She's in a daze as 2 men pummel her belly causing her to sag against the wall. They need to break her concentration as the 3rd man kneels and grabs her injured ankle. She slowly slides down the wall as she tells them to stop as she knows they've been hitting her for more than 5 minutes. But they don't stop as they start punching her everywhere. She uses her arms to deflect some of their punches as she asks why are they still hitting her. Confidant that they can take her down, they finally reveal their true feelings for her.

Shock turns into anger as she rises up and starts fighting back. Though weakened by their punches and unable to kick them because of her sore ankle, she's able to knock 2 of them down. She stalks the 3rd one before knocking him down. Kneeling on one knee, she grabs the front of his shirt and demands to know why they are trying to beat her up. "What did I ever do to you to treat me like this?" He tells her they all wanted her as a girlfriend but she always rejected his friends. She shakes her head and says, "what a fool you are. You were the one I wanted but you never asked me. Now it's too late for you." 

While she's talking, one guy tries to surprise her. But she easily knocks him down again. She looks back at the guy she was talking to and says, "before I give you the punishment you deserve, what did you do to my ankle, it still hurts". He pulls the small jar from his pocket and opens the lid. She's curious as he dips his fingers into the cream. While he rubs the cream between his fingers, another guy tries to sneak up on her but she's ready for him as she easily backhands him while still kneeling. While she's hitting the other guy, the man smears the cream across her tummy. Taken by surprise she stands up allowing him to run his hand down her leg, speading the cream from her thigh to her ankle of her uninjured leg. He surprises her again by driving his fist up into her groin causing her to gasp. She staggers away from them as she covers her groin. The men are now standing as 1 guy tells the others, "she should be weak enough to take down". Looking at Lillian, he smirks saying, "how does your belly and leg feel?" She's furious saying, "you bastard....and to think I wanted you for my boyfriend."

This last fight sequence, I would like to see the following. 

Lillian will show that she's still sore from the punch to her groin. She gives up trying to kick them as her leg and ankle hurts too much. The 3 guys will attack her simultaneously. At the start of the sequence she's able to block 2 guys from hitting her but the 3rd guy is able to land a punch. Though she's weakened, she's still able to hurt them with her punches. 

Later in this sequence, she can only block one guy from hitting her as the other 2 are landing punches. Still, she's able to fight back.

She realizes that the pain from the cream and their blows are getting worse. Her only hope is to get out of their apartment. With a last burst of energy, she knocks all 3 men down and staggers to the door. Before she can open the door, they pounce on her grabbing  her by her arms and pulling her away from the door by her ponytail. They turn her so her back is facing the wall. With 2 men still holding her arms, the 3rd man drives his fist into her tummy causing her to sag against the wall. She feebly tries to block their blows as they punch her face and tummy. With a dazed look on her face, she can no longer protect herself as she slides down the wall. 

She offers feeble resistance as they pull her away from the wall and lay her flat on her back. Thinking that she can't fight anymore, 2 men kneel on either side of face as they taunt her saying, "you're not that good as you couldn't beat the 3 of us". She surprises them by grabbing them both by their throats. When they both grab her wrists, they're not strong enough to loosen her grips as they struggle to breathe. The 3rd man starts to pummel her belly. Eventually the 2 men pull her hands away, then pin down her arms. One man has a hand on her throat as he punches her face. The 2nd is punching her tummy while the 3rd man is pummeling her legs. 

They continue to hit her while the man hitting her face says, "are you going to surrender, bitch?" She shakes her head, no. The continue to hit her until she tries to speak. He stops choking her and moves closer to hear what she's saying. Instead, she slaps his face. Realizing she still has fight left in her, the men shift positions as one man uses both hands to hold down her flailing wrist. The 2nd man straddles her chest and resumes punching her face. He easily blocks her free hand when she feebly tries to hit him. The 3rd man straddles one leg as he pummel and squeezes her injured thigh. She tries to push him off her leg with her other leg, but her injured ankle hurts her too much. They continue to beat her up as she can no longer resist them. Her free arm and leg are now motionless as the man punching her face keeps saying, "surrender now, bitch?" She keeps shaking her head, no. The 2nd man holding her wrist down moves  to kneel by her side and starts to punch her tummy.  Realizing she's powerless to break free, she says, "stop, what do you want from me?" He tells her, "surrender first, bitch, then we'll tell you". She shakes her head, "no". They continue to beat her until she says, "stop, you win. I surrender". 

The men stand up and high 5 each other as she slowly pulls her arms down and curls up on her side in a fetal position. One man looks down at her and says, " no, no, that won't due. On your back where you belong, bitch". He pushes her shoulder with his foot so that she's flat on her back. With her knees still drawn up, one man places his foot under her ankle and makes her to stretch her legs flat on the floor. "Now, be a good slave and raise your arms above your head, part your legs and suck in your tummy" (I would like a low side view from her hands to her feet as she obeys his command.)

The men each place a foot on her prone body as they take a victory pose.

The next scene starts with Lillian kneeling by the side of the couch. The 3 men are sitting on the couch, still enjoying Lillian's defeat. One man says, "hey bitch, get us something to drink". Lillian doesn't hide the fury in her eyes as she does what she's told. She reenters the room holding a tray with 3 cans or bottles of beer. She is told to face them and bend at the waist as they take their drinks. They tell her her to put on a show for them. Feel free to improvise various poses while standing, kneeling and laying on the floor. Before each pose, she will call them, "pigs, perverts, etc." 

After several more poses, she's had enough saying, "I've agreed to be your slave for one day each week. I dare you to challenge me, double or nothing". She stands before them with hands on her hips and her chest thrust outward. They look at her, up and down. 2 of them agree that she's not that special. They ask the 3rd guy, who would have been her boyfriend what he thinks. He responds with a wistful look, "I think she's perfect from the tip of her toes to the top of her head". She gives him a scornful look while the other guy says, "okay, what do you have in mind?" She responds, "right now, I'm your unwilling slave. But if you beat me in a fair fight, I will be your willing slave for a month. I will move in with you and you can boss me around all day every day for a month. But, if I win, I walk out of here today and we'll never see each other again." They chuckle, "no way. You're skills are superior to ours".  She taunts them, "you can tie my hands. I can only fight you with my legs and they're still weak from that horrid cream". They're silent as they think it over. She mocks them, "my God, you are a bunch of wimps. 3 against one with my legs still weak. Oh please." 2 men accept her challenge while her would be boyfriend cautions them saying, "She's too strong, she'll win". They wave him off as they pull out steel handcuffs. She puts her hands behind her back as they surround her before cuffing her.  She asked, "when do we start?" Before they respond, they all punch at the same time. Then they say, "we start now" as she staggers away from them. They confidently approach her but she surprises them with swift, powerful kicks. She answers their confused expressions saying, "that nasty cream wore off. I'm going to enjoy this".  She's relentless as she delivers one kick after another, knocking 2 of them out. She stalks her terrified would be boyfriend until she corners him. "Get the key, pig" She scowls at him. He tells her where the key is as she follows him across the room, close to the 2 men. She turns her back to him saying, "uncuff  me, pig". He's all thumbs as he fumbles with the key. Impatient, she looks over her shoulder to see what's taking him so long. At that moment, the 2 men lying at her feet, each produce a jar of cream and surprise her by smearing the cream on both legs from her ankles to her thighs. With her hands still cuffed, she gasps as she staggers away from them. When they get close to her, she tries to kick them. But her kick is so slow and weak, they easily grab her outstretched leg and deliver there own kick to her exposed groin. She groans as they release her leg as she staggers until she's backed up against the wall. They taunt her saying, "any last words before we take you down, bitch?" She shakes her saying, "not fair, you cheated". They laugh as they start punching her face, tummy and legs. (I want Lillian to have that dazed expression as she sags against the wall before sliding down to her knees. Before she can fall on her side, they pick her up and uncuff her. They finish her off with punishing blows as she again sags against the wall. She falls on her side. They roll her onto her back with her legs parted and arms above her head. Again, I would like a close view of her face before the camera gives a low, side view of the length of her body.

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