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  • Ivy is a member of karate ballet team

Custom clip request 

Scene-1 “karate man trapped in the building, Ivy waiting for him-like last custom. Karate man in judo uniform like last custom

Exactly like last custom, Karate man in karate uniform is escaping, then comes in the big room, He looks to the left and sees Ivy just in pic3,4,5 pose, different angle close and far view (I love those long staring poses), they stare each other 10-15 sec. real mean kick ass look. He got no choice and must fight her. Now in the same pic.3 pose without moving she put hands in front in karate chop pose, no smile and tells him “I must get you by karate power” but let’s bow first. He comes forward very close to her, then they both bend way down bow each other staring at her toes some angle from the height too (pic6,7,8) but closer to each other so he can see her toes very closely (pic is only for reference, you know).

After the bow they look at each other again then circle around each other karate pose hands chopped in front. He looks at her face and toes back and forth watching for kicks coming any minutes from her (both with lots of focus). He now decides to escape to finish her in the balcony. As he escapes looks bask see her coming, She chases him up to the stairs and fights him there just like Melanie last custom and finally throws him exactly like Melanie pic.9,10,11, I love that throw with hand stretched and chopped in front like pic11 (is the best), please this time freeze in that pic.11 pose for 5 sec (like she used all her energy to throw him out, hand just like that, fly him over the rail with power) say haaaaaa. Then show few throw repeats like last custom.

She then comes stands next to him toe front of his eyes but this time she stands in front of him like pic.3 (legs spread apart, left foot completely front of his eyes) he is staring at it. She stares at him 5 sec then looks up the stairs where he fell from back and forth and says, “hmmmmm let’s call this one karate ballet throw” looks down at him till scene is over, you can show different angles too if enough time left.

Scene.2 karate man in military uniform (pic.18)

Karate man is hurt on the floor from previous fight with her, she walks in put toes front of his eyes, check his pulse, he stares at her toes (like Carly custom).

He now throws a full power punch at her but before the punch even get to her she karate chop his neck similar to Carly custom pic 14,15,16,17 also repeat from different angle. Love that pic17 chop (big surprise for him).

scene.3 karate man in military uniform (in scene.2)

Scene starts with the man completely locked up just like last custom pic.19. He punches on the floor from pain, and try looking at her face and every time looking at her screams louder. She looks at him mean look. She finally breaks his ankle like last custom, but this time hold his ankle after break, he try looking at her and one final scream loud goes unmoved but eyes way open. Before she gets up, she slowly moves her leg out of him and looks at her other ankle in pic20 (left ankle) for few sec and says “both ankles broken”. She now poses in front of him like pic 21, 22 and more angles like last custom long stare at him and while in that pose looks at her broken ankles again back and forth (ankle crossed on his leg just like last custom) and says “just a perfect karate lock up, both ankles broken”, he now close his eyes and completely unmoved.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy is a member of karate ballet team

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