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  • Goddess Carly squeezes a little one

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It opens with the archaeologist entering your lair hoping to discover that the Goddess Carly is real.  

He finds what looks like a statue of the Goddess and walks up to it to examine in closer.  Her form towers over him.  Suddenly, she looks down at him.  He jumps back several feet, startled.

She smiles and very slowly walks up to him.  He is frozen, unable to move.  She doesn't stop until she is up against him.  He has to look up to see into her face.  She is incredible tall and majestic and worshipful.  He can't move his legs to escape.  He is under her spell.  She gently takes his chin in her hand and looks into his eyes. She then lifts him off his feet slowly from under his armpits.  She examines him as if he were a new object.  She slowly puts him back down and walks around behind him running her hands across him as she does so.  He still cannot move.  She wraps her arms around him from behind pinning his arms and easily lifts him off his feet.

"Mine" she says simply and begins to squeeze him.

She easily crushes her prey.  He cannot resist her. It's so effortless for her, so great is her strength.

She releases him and he falls to her feet.  She stands there, her legs are pillars of strength next to him.  He touches them as he tries to stand, but he's distracted by their beauty. She reaches down and gently lifts him into her arms.  Her arms under his.  His feet dangling.  She doesn't squeeze - just holding


She holds him like a possession.  Not crushing. Not yet...

"You want your Goddess to crush you, little one"

She gently crushes him until he is out.  His head falls on her.  She continues to hold him with ease.

He wakes up to find himself on the ground next to her crossed legs. She's beautiful.  

"I am the Goddess Carly. Now that I have you, you belong to me forever"

He musters strength to stand.  She stands slowly and looks down at him.  Amused.  She throatlifts him and walks him to the wall.  She slams him up against it.

"I will crush you to my heart's content, my love"

She releases him and he drops.  She lifts him under the armpits and raises him off his feel just a little.  She presses up against him so powerfully that she has him lifted off his feet just from the pressure of her chest on his against the wall.  She can still look down at him.  She cups his face lovingly and makes him look into her eyes.

"I've got you"

She steps back and lets him drop.  She picks him up in a crushing bearhug.  His arms are pinned, his hands are wedged against her chest and shoulders, but he's too weak to push off.  She squeezes him slowly.

"Submit to me and I won't have to break you completely."

He manages to nod. She smiles and squeezes more until he is out, his head falls on her beautiful chest.

She carries him to her chair and gently places him on the floor unmoved.  She sits and crosses her legs.  

"You're mine"

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Goddess Carly squeezes a little one

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