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  • Lillian helps Ivy to get the superhuman strength

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SCENE 1 : big guy is training in the gym for the powerlifting championship.

he deadlifts the 200kg barbell 9 times. other guys: in the gym encourage him. come on you can do it. one time, with all his strength he lifts it the 10t time.

big guy: flex his arms yess, now up to the next world title powerlifting.. the other guys agree with him. they applaud for him

SCENE 2 : big guy is the only one, left in the gym doing one last deadlift, puts the barbell on the ground. stands behind the barbell. at that moment Ivy enters the gym. with a domina outfit (something like Ivy in leather vs the gang) with glasses and dark hair... and a whip.

big guy: what the fuck is this? who are you?

Ivy: it's you birthday and you freinds wanted to surprise you..

big guy: hahahaha okay i will play this game, what do you want?

Ivy picks up a chair and put it in the middle of the gym

Ivy:( loud voice ) and hits the ground with the whip and a little on his butt commands him come over here powerlifting champion and sit in this chair bitch!

then she ties his arms on his back when he sits on the chair.

Ivy: soo tell me musclar bitch who is the strongest? you or me?

big guy: i am ofcource (laughing) i am the world champoin powerlifter. what you think?

Ivy slaps him hard in the face agian and agian

Ivy: i slap you more and more till you say that i am the strongest!! okay?

big guy gets angre he feeels pain,

big guy: now let me go bitch,, you hurt me . i show you how strong i am

big guy free himself from the ropes , he slaps Ivy a few times in the face, she felt on the ground.

Ivy: come on you hurt me

big guy: come on stand up bitch, lets do a mercy game

Ivy stands up and interlock the fingers

big guy: come on now dominatrix (laughing) lets see who is stronger now. wich person's hands have been twisted enough that they cannot stand the pain, and gets on their knees

big guy easily puts Ivy on the knees,

Ivy: please you hurt me. let me go.

big guy: and wo is the strongest?

Ivy: you you yess, let me go,

big guy: try to dominate some other men but not me, weak bitch! (laughing)

big guy kicks Ivy out of the room,

SCENE 3 : Ivy is at home watching some stuff on the intenet,( labtop or desktop) then she sees a clip of lillian doing two handed (normal) standing bicep curls with the 200 kg barbell 15 reps, (lillian with the same outfit from the other strength clip) other men in the room are shocked seeing lilian doing that strength feat. Ivy is surprised, wowwww is she is so strong?

Ivy: wowww mmmm love it, i wish i was that strong, ,, but i think it's a fake weight. a prank clip. it can't be real, but i want to be sure. maybe i can call this girl lillian. there is a number... lelsey calls lillian ,

Ivy: hi this is Ivy i am a Professional Dominatrix. i have a question, this clip on the internet, where you curl that 200 kg barbell is that real?

lillian: yess it's real, everyone thinks it's fake,

Ivy: but how? you such a petite tiny girl|? i saw a world champion powerlifter doing deadlifts with it, but that is lifting off the ground,, you doing biceps curls with it.?? that's insane, nobody can do that esspecially 15 reps

lillian: (laughing) 15 reps. i can do much more than that.. 200 kg is nothing for me. i even do it one handed..

Ivy: wowww, as a dominatrix would this be my wildest fantasy comes true, you see last time i had a session with a powerlifting champion, his friends wanted to surprise him with a soft sm act, the fucker went nuts . he hurts me. i wish i could make him pay for what he did to me.. with you strength i could do that. , and would be my fantasy come to life.

lillian: why don't you come over to me, i have a surprise for you. i can not do this on the phone. it's a secret.

SCENE 4: Ivy is in the room with lillian. lillian with a bottle of serum in her hands

lillian: my strength (flex) i get from a strength serum, you see this bottle is the newest version of it, more enhanced... and i want you the one who take it first , for free!!! the other one works great, you know it. then lillian lifts Ivy off the ground under her arm pits..

you see it works fine.. (laughing)

Ivy: wowwww yes i believe you. now put me down,

lillain puts Ivy down,

Ivy: you say this is a new improved version? i wonder what will happen..

Ivy drinks the serum... a few min later

SCENE 5: Ivy wakes up seeing lillian looking at her, wowwww

lillian: look at you wowww you are amazing, look at yourself in the mirror

Ivy's outfit now is red dress, red heels with long 2 inch red nails... (fake nails)

Ivy: wowww look at me. mmmmm i look gorgious, look at those nails. mmm love it. those red hair also amazing,

Ivy flex her muscles , i feel strong mmmmmm yess

Ivy: now i want to test my strength

Ivy lifts lillian under her armpits a few times in the air. mmmm yesss light as a feather

lillian: yess you can put me down. it works wowww

Ivy: yess my fantasy is true now. i am a super dominatrix . mmm yess yess (flexing )

no one is stronger than me. i take revenge now, i will humialte every men now. essepcially the big steroid guys who thinks they are strong.. mmmm love it,

lillian: please let me film this, i take my phone with me. i love this. i can't get enough of it. the humilation, esspecially when they are so big ( hands showing how big) the shock in their eyes are priceless, seeing such a petite girls like us physically overpower them (laughing)

SCENE 6: Ivy end lillian with phone filming enters the room where the powerlifter big guy is training from scene 2, he is lifting the 200 kg barbel off the ground agian, 10 reps. and put the barbell on the ground.

big guy: he. fucking bitch you again. and who the hell is that other skinny bitch with you?

Ivy: we are no skinny bitches, i am Ivy the strongest domina in the world and this is lillian who's also much stronger than you...

big guy: hahahahaha (laughing) strongest domina in the world he (laughing) other evening i proved to you that i am the world champion powerlifter, with the mercy strength game you where on you knees or not??? you both see to much movies. go home bitches or i kick you out!!

lilian is filming the whole time..

Ivy: soo little powerlifter. you want prove that i am stronger than you. lets do a mercy game

big guy: little powerlifter?? wait i show you

big guy is angre, he interlock the fingers of Ivy with adjacent hands, he tries to do it with all his power to do this quickly, but Ivy only laughes at him. he can't push her on her knees

Ivy: you like my long sexy nails?

big guy: woww they are indeed very long, how can you be that strong. it can't be? screams to free himslef, from her grip..

Ivy: look . mmm now how world strongest powerlifter struggles he (laughing) now see who screaming mercy and not only mercy. you must say who is the strongest..

then Ivy puts the big guy easily on his knees.

big guy: mercy mercy you hurt me. let me go please please

Ivy: likes this view mercy mercy he, what did i tell you, who is stronger, much stronger than you?

big guy: yess you you you the strongest dominatrix. please let me go,

Ivy loves it, she want more strength humilation, the big guy is hurting on the floor.

Ivy bends over with her sexy outfit, wispers in big guy ear

Ivy: come on world champion , stand up lets shakehands

big guy stands up and give Ivy a hand her sexy long nails interlocking his hand

Ivy: lets see how strong you hand grip is? soo come on lets see who has the bone crusher handshake.. (laughing)

big guy: those sexy hands can't be stronger than mine.. lets do it i start

big guy begins , he ssqueeze as hard as he can. but Ivy only lauches at him

lelsey: come on big guy you can do better. you soo weak hahahahaa i think your the weak bitch

than Ivy ssqueeze his hand he screams in pain, (subtile bone crushing sound. not so much) he fals on his knees agian. seeing her long nails doing that feat

big guy: please you hurt me. let me go. you break my hand . please yess you stronger much stronger

Ivy: yess he is understanding it.. he lillian . that was only a fraction of my strength. sooo easy to break his bones, only with a little squeeze. i can't take my eyes of my sexy long nails . soo sexy . whe look soo much better than men when doing such strength feats ( flexing)

lillian: filming. flex with other arm . yess i agree, i want also do something to him. humilate him. please..

Ivy: yess later, but me first , my revenge is not over yet ..hahahaha love it to much..my wildest fantasy is lifting him up by the throat one handed, looks at her sexy nails

lillian: yess was also my fantasy, but its already happend, i want try it agian

Ivy bends down to big guy who is in pain( hurting hands) places one sexy hand on his throat, wispers in his ear

Ivy: soo big guy. ooh sorry (laughing) world champion.. . lets see how much you weigh (laughing)

then Ivy lifts the big guy off the ground, feet dangling,

lillian: woww you soo strong , soo easy.

Ivy: yessss mmmm love it. he feels like a feather to me, look at you big guy . how much steroids you take? look how easy i lift you up, why do you have such a big muscles? weak bitch (laughing)

Ivy likes it. she put him up and down. love it. everytime he ask for putting him down, she does it. but then laughing agian and lift him high agian

big guy: please put me down. no no not up agian. you hurt me. i try to free myself

lillian: look he tryes to free himself (laughing) mmm yess i want too please?

Ivy: look how he tryes to free himself. while i lift him so high. his big muscles are useless. (laughing) all men are useless now hahahahah

Ivy then lifts him up and down agian. then at high, she lets him fall to the ground,

Ivy: now you lillian, it's you turn

lillian then gives the phone (camera) to Ivy now lillian lifts the big guy under the armpits in the air up and down, then she's doing a one arm throatlift like Ivy

lillian: i thought he was the world champion powerlifter? he is soo light.. look i lift him up and down. loook he is in shock seeing tiny petite me (laughing)

big guy: please put me down, you hurting me. how the hell can a tiny girl like you have such arm strength???

lillian: you right, i have more power in my little sexy arm, than you whole body (laughing)

then lillian squeeze his neck while lifted high, he screams in pain , and trying to free himself from her grip. then she let go. he falls on the ground

SCENE 7: big guy is waking up. he sees Ivy doing bicep curls with the 200kg barbell counting 21, 22, 23

he is in shock what he sees..

Ivy: is that the weight for you deadlift? (laughing) mr powerlifter. look i do bicep curls with it, seems that the world strongest powerlifter is a weak bitch boy. it's my 25 rep now.

where are the reall weights for the strongest domina in the world?

big guy: how the hell did you do that? you soo strong..

lillian: let me try it.

lillian then gives the phone to Ivy . she doing also bicep curls with it. easily. she lifts it also 25 reps. counting,

Ivy: come on big guy lets try who do more reps? or you tell me you big biceps are to weak??

big guy walks to lillian and she gives the barbell over to him. he can't handle it, and he falls to the ground with the weight (sound effects) he is in pain. his biceps hurt. from trying. weight on his chest try to push it off. lilian and Ivy laughing at him.

lilian: look at him. soo weak. look i take one arm to lift it off him..

lillian lifts the barbell one handed off his chest, then agian put it back on his chest. (laughing)

he screams in pain agian.

big guy: please help me. i am in pain.

Ivy: plaese help me hahahaha i can't hear it anymore. you such a weak bitch. why don't you get stronger? you muscles are useless

LAST SCENE 8 : Ivy doing bench press with 200 kg barbell, lillian spoting her counting 50 , 51, 52 , 53, lillian then doing biceps curls with the barbell,

lillian: we need more weight,

Ivy: i agree, we are soo much stronger now,

then big guy enters , he is much bigger now (maybe bodybuilder costume under his suite) he wants a armwrestle with Ivy

Ivy: look he is much bigger now. he takes more steroids he wants revenge (laughing)

lilian: yess he thinks he strong now

Ivy puts her sexy hands and long nails on the table, and they started the armwrestle match. he is out for revenge. she plays with him. let him know he is winning..

Ivy: look lillian he thinks he is winning. i let him. hahahaha , let me show you what will happen, first i squeeze with my sexy long nails hands you big hands till you scream in pain till you can take it anymore.i break some little bones in you hand (sound) then i break you big anabolic arm on the table (sound) than you scream on the ground , and to finish it i lift you new big musclar body off the ground one handed. take a good look at my sexy nails, its the last thing you see.

indeed Ivy words are come to life.. she is doing it exactly as she told him

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Lillian helps Ivy to get the superhuman strength

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