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  • Karate ballet from Ivy and Melanie

Custom clip request 

Scene-1 “karate man trapped in the building by the women-balcony throw”

Karate man is escaping, then comes in the room or lobby (whatever location you think is the best), He now looks at each end of the room (or lobby) left and right and sees each woman hands over waist staring at him, real mean kick ass look. He got no choice and must fight one of them. Melanie tells him pick your choice but either way you are finished by karate power, you just finished too many people. Ivy tells him “Lets bow before your end”. Now from distance away, he turns around and bow each woman way down, two times. After the bow he looks at each woman for 5 seconds, both woman hands over waist looks are fully ready for him.

He now runs toward Melonie to escape, Melonie let him escape with a ballet pose like pic6,7, so she can meet him at the balcony, please show this ballet move from different angle. He now takes the stairway up, Melonie chases him up, he throws hi kicks on the stairs, she miss them all and finally throws him off the stairway just like Carly previous custom, except on the repeat move, please show her back completely to camera knees bent, hands in karate pose stretched in front, Then turn around fast hands up, show 3-4 repeats (again please don’t do the repeat just turn a little, turn back completely to camera in karate pose explained above—knee bent hand chopped stretched in front).

Now show ivy in the lobby listening to scream, she says sound like balcony throw, poor karate man fell to his end. She now runs in the lobby then to the stairways way up, show this run from her back too and finally sees Melanie hands way frozen in that pose, she then check the karate man’s pulse on the neck, looks back and forth at Melanie and the man (show this also from the stairway above too so all of them can be seen), Ivy says he is finished (man’s eye open looking at Ivy toes then look up at Melanie).

Melanie now put hands over waist says, “let go catch rest of the gang by karate power".


Melanie sitting on the chair like pic.10, legs crossed waiting for karate man, he walks in with a blade searching, but can’t see her in the room. She now says “hummm personal appearance tonight”. He gets surprised turned around sees her on the chair gets, super angry, get closer to her with a blade. She now dives from the chair and sweeps his leg on the floor just like pics11,12,14, please also show it like pic 14 angle or other angles. He falls down and breaks his back screaming in pain. As they are both on the floor, she says “we got broken back here”. you can use cut and resume scene to show the sweep move, no rush in the move just do it with style like pics.


Scene starts with the man completely locked up by Ivy just like pic17 (Ivy is in the man position and the man is woman position in severe pain). The man is screaming in pain asking her to let him free but Ivy putting more pressure he screams and tries to looks at her and knows there is no chance to escape, he tries looking at her body more. Now Melanie walks in hands over waist and says last karate man completely locked up, he keeps punching the floor hard from pain and anger, she then comes pose in front of him, legs spread apart, hands over waist one foot front on his eyes looking down at him with little mean smile. Ivy now breaks his ankle he screams loud and grabs Melanie leg or ankle to relief the pain then goes out. Now zoom out the camera till scene is over.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Karate ballet from Ivy and Melanie

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