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Scene 1
Carly enters through a door into a large room. Right behind Carly is a large man keeping guard. He pushes Carly from behind which only acts to irritate Carly more. After Carly walks a few more steps forward the man behind Carly pushes her again. Carly now rapidly raises her right elbow and slams it backwards several times into the man’s face knocking him over (see Carly Custom 01 - Fight Video 02 - Backward Elbow Strikes to Face). Carly now proceeds to walk across to a desk (by herself) where the boss man is sitting on the opposite side of the desk. Carly sits down in a chair and crosses her long legs. The man behind the desk begins to speak, “Agent Cobra, did you really need beat up my man?” Carly raises a dismissive smile and responds, “He’s lucky… I only broke his nose”. The man behind the desk speaks again, “I can no longer have you creating problems for my criminal organisation” Carly smiles and now responds, “It’s hardly my problem if none of your men can fight!” The boss now clearly frustrated, reaches across the table and tries slap Carly across the face but Carly is too fast and catches his arm with her left hand. Carly is much stronger than the man and able to hold his arm in the air while she raises her right index finger and waives it side-to-side before speaking, “Was that really a good idea!” Carly now punches him in the face, knocking him back into his chair. Carly now pouts her nose and tilts her ear towards her shoulder in one direction making her spine crack in an intimidating manner before speaking, “I don’t think you quite realise who you are dealing with.” The boss man is now enraged. He now stands up from his chair and slams the palm of his open hand on the desk near Carly as he continues speaking, “You bitch, nobody hits me and lives.” While this is happening, Carly has seductively moved her right hand up to her hair bun and onto one of the chopsticks in her hair. With the boss’s hand firmly placed on the table, Carly swiftly removes one of chopsticks from her hair and drives through the back of the boss’s hand pinning it to desk (see Carly Custom 01 - Special Video 03a - Attack With Hairpin). As the boss cries out in pain, Carly now standing, grabs him by the hair with her left hand and then punches him several times in the face while his hand is pinned with the chopstick. The camera now shows the first man (that escorted Carly into the room at the very beginning) again standing across the other side of the room as he pulls a weapon from inside his karate jacket. Carly now pulls the chopstick out of the boss’s hand and with a quick turn of her head, throws the chopstick (in the same manner as the attached example please) with great power so that it strikes the first man in the hand holding the weapon, disarming him (see Carly Custom 01 - Special Video 03b - Throwing a Hairpin as a Weapon). Carly now returns her attention to the boss man who is still dazed with his head leaning forward near the desk. Carly now grabs him by the back of the head and drives his head into the desk top several times before pulling his head in the opposite direction and pushing him onto the floor.

The rest of the scene is a big one-sided fight scene between Carly and the two men using Carly Custom 01 - Fight Videos before knocking them all down. The scene finishes with Carly, having defeated both men, walking back to the desk. She takes out her nunchucks and places them on the desktop. She then sits down and leans back in the chair placing both boots on the desktop with her legs crossed (see Carly Custom 01 - Picture 08 - Legs Crossed on Desktop) surveying the carnage she has created. She pulls a mobile phone out of her boot and places a call. After the receiver answers, Carly speaks, “You sent boys to do a man’s job. You know where I am, come and get me!” Carly hangs up and the scene ends.

Scene 2 
Scene two begins with Carly still sitting at the desk with her legs still crossed and, on the desktop (see Carly Custom 01 - Picture 08 - Legs Crossed on Desktop). Carly has two more chopsticks / hairpins in her hair. Carly is playing with the nunchucks in her hands. Suddenly a hooded man bursts through the door with a baseball bat and runs towards Carly. Completely unphased, Carly puts down the nunchucks and reaches up to her hair to remove a chopstick and throw it at the man striking him in the throat, finishing him (see Carly Custom 01 - Special Video 05 - Throwing a Hairpin as a Weapon).

Carly remains sitting with her legs up on the desk when two hooded men enter the room (one of the men was the man that finished at the beginning of this scene). After seeing Carly, the two men are stunned to look over on the other side of the room and see two men lying on top of each other (You could shoot a very short scene of the two men lying on top of each other separately and then add it in as a separate camera shot). One of the men now speaks, “Your martial arts skills are impressive Carly …….You’ve single handedly defeated some of my best men!” Carly uncrosses her legs, lifts them off the table and rises from the chair before speaking, “By the time I’m finished, both of you will be face down, on the floor with me sitting on your back.” Carly takes the nunchucks off the desk, places them behind the front knot of her black belt before stepping into the centre of the room. Carly now stands her feet a body’s length apart and her hands on her hips before speaking, “No poit delaying this. Let’s do it!”

The rest of the scene is a big one-sided fight scene between Carly and the two men using Carly Custom 01 - Fight Videos before knocking them all down. At the end of the scene with defeated men all lying  on the floor, Carly positions herself on the back of one of the men in the sitting meditation position (see Carly Custom 01 - Picture 09 - Sitting Meditation Pose).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Agent Cobra Bites Back

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