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  • The worst Melanie's nightmare

Custom clip request 

I would like Mélanie to be the star of the clip.  Mélanie is dressed in ankle socks (worn as low as possible, see photo), with short shorts and a tight t-shirt. 

Mélanie is sitting on a bed with a man (a friend of hers) she is talking, when suddenly something under the bed starts talking and hands come out from under the bed and touch Mélanie's legs.  Melanie and the man lift their legs for fear of being caught by the thing under the bed, the thing under the bed tells them that he is going to grab them and drag them with him under the bed.  Mélanie and the man are standing on the bed and decide to jump as far as possible from the bed so as not to get caught by the thing under the bed.  Mélanie jumps first and reaches the wall where there is the radiator located several meters (at least 3 or 4 meters) in front of the foot of the bed.  The man decides to do the same, but the moment he jumps, the thing below the bed casts a curse and all the floor in the room tilts and slides (tilt the camera to give the effect of the floor).  is tilted).  Melanie slips and finds herself lying on her stomach but she manages to hang on to the radiator pipes on the wall, the man who jumped also finds himself on the ground, stomach on the ground, but he has no  hold or hang on, Melanie yells at him to try to climb.  The man looks up and voices Melanie's legs, he stretches out his arms to try to catch Melanie's legs but Melanie's legs are still too far a good ten centimeters away, Melanie turns around to look at her friend  climb, she sees that her friend is trying to grab her legs but he is still too far, she decides to stretch her feet as much as possible towards her friend so that he can grab them.  The man holds out his arms and manages to grab one of Mélanie's stretched feet, he serves his little foot stretched with all his might between his two hands, he serves so hard that it hurts Mélanie's foot.  The man is safe but Mélanie begins to lack strength because the man is heavy.  Melanie tells the man to climb up her leg before she lets go.  The man begins to climb with difficulty, he grasps Mélanie's ankle, then her calf muscle.  Suddenly the thing under the bed comes out, it's a hooded man, he crawls towards them and succeeds in grabbing the legs of Mélanie's friend.  The hooded man pulls with all his might, Mélanie's friend begins to let go, his hands slide from Mélanie's calf to her ankle, then to her foot.  He stands firmly at Melanie's foot (one hand holds her stretched foot and his other hand holds her ankle on the same leg).  The hooded man pulls Mélanie's friend hard by the legs, Mélanie's friend clings with all his might to Mélanie's stretched foot and ankle, Mélanie is starting to lack strength, she feels she is going to let go  taken, she asks her friend to let go but her friend refuses, Mélanie decides to make him let go of his foot by kicking her friend's hands with her free leg.  Her friend's hands slide off her stretched little foot and she finds herself free, her friend is dragged under the bed in seconds.  Mélanie is still in danger, she is still lying on this sloping and slippery ground.  She can't get back up, she is flat on her stomach on the floor with her feet stretched out, the man with the hood comes out from under the bed, he goes up to Melanie and grabs her by his stretched feet, all this weight hanging on her  it's too much, she is going to let go, he pulls her by giving her aids to make her let go, it works, Mélanie lets go and she starts to be dragged towards the bed, she struggles but he is too strong.  She begins to be dragged under the bed, her feet are under the bed and are no longer visible, she kicks so that the hooded man lets go, it works, she manages to knock her out.  She's free but she can't get back up.  She cries out for help for someone to come and help her.  A man arrives to help him, he clings to the radiator and extends his hand to catch Melanie's hand, he manages to grab Melanie by the hand and starts dragging her out of there, when suddenly 2 hands appear from under the  bed and grab Melanie's ankles, Melanie turns around and sees that it is her friend who is still alive, he is stuck, Melanie tells him to cling with all her strength to her thin ankles (she keeps her feet stretched out)  , and ask the man pulling her by the hands to pull them out.  He drags Mélanie out of there with her friend hanging on her ankles, that's a lot of weight but it works, here they are out of the woods, Mélanie hangs on the radiator, she turns around tells her friend to go up her legs  , what his friend does and he finds himself all free.  

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The worst Melanie's nightmare

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