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  • The Whirlwind of hits from Melanie. Part II

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I would like another video to "The Whirlwind of hits from Melanie". I would love to see Melanie in the catsuit with no mask again, but this time wearing her hair in a bun (for maximum neck exposure)! I want to see something similar to "the whirlwind of hits from Melanie" with nothing but super fast kicking like in the 1st attachment. This time, instead of focusing on the feet.....I want to focus on the neck. I love the way Melanie's neck crinkles (like in the 2nd attachment) and would love to see this a LOT!!!  Include a lot of angles like the one in the 3rd attachment and try to include a lot of neck crinkles like in the 2nd attachment. Try and keep her kicking at a consistent speed (as fast as she can). I want to really see what she can do! (All kinds of angles, but no POV).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The Whirlwind of hits from Melanie. Part II

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The whirlwind of hits from Melanie

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