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  • Agent Valerie eliminates the enemy hitman

You will see a lot of two-sided mixed fights in this video. Valerie meets an opponent, which is twice bigger than her and skilled enough. She will need to use all her fighting knowledge to survive and win this mortal combat

Valerie enters a room. She is wearing black lace-up boots with high heels, a khaki suit and a leather belt.  She detects a big enemy agent, which immediately rolls towards her, draws a knife and attacks. Valerie manages to get her knife and beat off the blow. The male agent continues to advance, alternating between stabbing and belly punching. Valerie is more concentrated on blocking knife attacks, so she misses a few stomach punches, but quickly restores balance in a fight by punches to the enemy head. They continue the knife fight, until, finally, the female fighter manages to knock the knife out of her male opponent's hand with a boot kick. Valerie tries to use the weapon, but the adversary catches her hands and disarms her too. They continue to fight, exchanging kicks and punches, and Valerie succeeds in sending her opponent to the ground by a powerful kick in the face. While he is on his back, she sits on him and provides a series of face punches. But it is not over - her rival is a big and strong man. He gets up and kicks her back, making a series of kicks in the head and stomach. For a few seconds it even looks like she will lose soon, because the huge man caught her in the corner, where is not able to use her speed and dodge his kicks, especially when he grabs her throat with his hand. For her luck, she manages to get out from the choke and proceed to the fight. Now it's her turn to beat the enemy - he receives a long series of kicks and punches to the face and throat. He falls down, but immediately gets up, holding both knives, which he succeeded to pick up from the ground. The guy screams and attacks Valerie, but she is too quick - she dodges all his blows and kicks him in the belly and groin, and then hits him in the face with her head. From the caused pain the male fighter drops the knives, and Valerie picks one up. Now she is attacking an enemy killer for a while, but he dodges every attempt and manages to block the knife and knock it out from her hand.They continue fighting and exchange punches and kicks, till the girl manages to deliver a successful series of kicks to the enemy's stomach and face. The killer falls to the floor, but gets up angry. Next two minutes they fight, both of them receive kicks and punches to the face and stomach.The Killer catches Valerie's hand, throws the girl on the ground, sits on her and makes a series of face punches, and then catches her neck with both hands and begins to choke. Valerie is almost defeated, but she miraculously manages to free herself by numbing him with a clap on the ears. Using his daze, she gets him in the scissors hold. He uses a lot of energy to get out, and when he is almost free Valerie kicks him with a heel to the face. 

The assassin is exhausted, so for the next five minutes Valerie dominates her opponent in different ways: knee kicks to the face and stomach, many different punches, hits, kicks, holds and match more. She even uses the sexy hold, when the guy is against the wall, and she holds him by pressing on his neck with her boot. 

At the end the killer falls on his knees, helpless. Valerie, with an evil smile, finishes him, makes a nice victory pose and leaves the room.

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Agent Valerie eliminates the enemy hitman

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