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Custom clip request 


She walks into that same room in the pic.1 last custom, she is wearing regular clothes like pic.1. now a sound comes from her boss into room speaker saying “you need to destroy the karate gangs”, your karate clothes are on the table. She picks up the pantyhose stretches it up and down then side way says looks like I will be fighting the dirty beard karate gangs in ballet clothes. She looks inside the pantyhose and says we’ll have lots of broken bones in this military compound. She now get the pantyhose and lies down on the floor puts on the right toes and pulls it way up to the hip slowly, she keep the legs way stretched up towards the ceiling for 5 sec and says “we shall call this one karate ballet in military compound”. She touches her leg from toes to the hip, then put the other leg and finally stand up and pull the hose up under breast (please pull it way up and not just to the waist). She then puts on the leotard (you don’t need to show that). If you can, take the panties and bra out.

She now does a little karate demo then turn her back to camera and punch her hand out full power just like Diana custom, please punch hand first full power then open just like pic2,3 full power. She says “pantyhose karate”


She goes to the room see karate man on the floor but eyes open, put toes front of his eyes please show this from different angles he is looking at it (also show this from above her like from the height), she then checks his pulse on the neck, show from different angles. While on the floor, he throws a karate chop at her but before his hand reaches her she just stretches her hand to his neck karate chop his neck, his face bounce back and forth front of her toes (she doesn’t need to raise her hand for the chop, just stretches it to his neck to get there faster). She says haaaaa and says first man chopped in ballet clothes. She now walks away from him with her back to camera he is looking at it, she put toes sideway walking away like a ballet walk pic.4 except show them both full size in the scene with her back to camera (so he sees her whole body as she is leaving).


Karate man practicing karate, she walks in like pic.6 pose very mean look stare at each other for 10 sec. He says, “you are a member of the black squad karate team”, she says yes you recognized me from my ballet clothes, we crush karate gangs bones. They now come very close and bow each other like pic8,9 his eyes straight at her toes. They then go to karate pose circle around each other. She hits him with back of her feet like pic.7 repeatedly breaks his nose. They now go to karate pose again she jumps to the side and breaks his knee hard just like pics10,11 please do it that style even if you have to cut resume scene hit his knee hard like pic.11 (love that pose) or you can do slow motion to show it like pic, 10,11, whatever works. She puts hands over waist, he screams in pain holding his knee falls, she says haaaaa, then puts hands over waist looking at him in pain screaming, she says “we got broken knee here, that’s what black squad karate team is all about, broken bones”. And then shows him the repeat of the break, says this is how I broke your knee and repeat pic.11 on him, he now screams even louder says “my karate gangs will take my revenge from black squad karate women.

Scene.4 Balcony throw

She meets him by the stairs pic.16 hands over waist looking at each other 5 sec (also show full size so her full body and toes can be seen), she says so you are the balcony expert, this time they send the ballet woman to finish you, he gets super angry looks at her toes and body up and down and says “you are from the black squad karate team”, I finish you up there, he goes up the stairway, she looks up at him for 5 sec as he is going up. Then chases him up. He kicks at her on the stairs, she bend way down miss all the kicks as going up and finally like other custom he pushes on her neck try to throw her down pic14,15, she resist (show this from downstairs too) and finally she karate chop his neck, he gets thrown back and attacks her she goes side way tap on his back throws him down like other balcony throws. She then repeats the throw move, please show the repeat more details from stairs below she bends knees hand in full karate pose stay that pose for 5 sec, then turn around fast hand side way like ballet…please show at least 4 repeats if you can, and say haaaa very loud. She put toes front of his eyes says “we shall call this one karate ballet throw”.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Karate ballet from Carly

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